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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2017%20Homeschool%20Review%20Crew/04%20-%20April/10%20-%20%20CompuScholar%20Inc/Computer%20Science_zpszqra0usj.pngIt's no secret Kaden is on the computer 24/7...okay maybe realistically 16/7, but it's not all game play.  He loves to code, build scenes replicating times in history and has a sincere fascination with making spread sheets for anything and everything.  Recently we have been using the Java Programing course with CompuScholar, Inc. with Kaden only.  I actually did a review for them a long time ago when they were known as Homeschool Programming and really loved using it with my oldest and even Kaden at the time.  Funny thing is that our printed materials are worn out from being read over and over again by Mr. Kaden.  So, we were excited to see what they had to offer now all these years later.  The course we are Reviewing is geared more for
High-school.  And even though Kaden is only 10 I knew it would be a good fit based on the knowledge he already has.  They do have other programs available for other ages.  Like their Digital Savvy course for grades 6-12 would be a great place to start....take a look at the course syllabus HERE.  Another great course for the same grade range is their Web Design course....look HERE for the Course syllabus.
Let's dig into what this Java Programing is all about.  Once you get signed in you will have a teacher's log in and a student's.  This was helpful because Kaden could easily log on by himself whenever he wanted to.  There are 27 chapters in the course and each one has a different amount of lessons and quizzes.  Chapter 1 for example has 5 lesson videos, and printable text that also each have a quiz at the end.  Then there is the final exam at the end.  Chapter 2 has only 4 lessons of videos, text and quizzes, but you get to start doing the fun stuff... the Activities.  This course was very user friendly and it was be easy for a High-school kiddo to work independently with no problem at all.

I will be honest here, Kaden has Autism and gets overwhelmed very quickly.  Having him do a whole lesson at a time was just too much.  So, we had to do things a little different.  For him he would watch the video and look over the questions.  The next day I would do all the reading and then he would take the test.  At first he tried doing it all on one day and it was too much.  That being said, I hardly know how to successfully send an email.  So, none of this made sense to me.  But, the beauty of being the Teacher is having access to the online Teacher's Guide and boy did I use it.  I appreciated having this to lean on while slowly making our way through the lessons.  Not only were the answers provided, but possible errors that frequently occur and step by step on what to say.  It was a blessing to be able to assist Kaden where he needed help and walk away not drained from defeat.  I thought it was going to take us a little longer and I'm sure it will.  But, that's ok he loves it and has it on his calendar to work on every week.  Also, CompuScholar, Inc. has great customer service, literally on the left of the screen is a Help button.  You click it and it takes you to a page filled with FAQ and information, along with a number to contact and a way for you to submit questions online too. 

So, what did we think?  I kind of think I should look into one of the other courses for myself.  I was able to get by with this course with Kaden because of the amazing Teacher's Guide.  But, I could really see myself gaining useful knowledge from their other courses.  I mean let's face it, the world is not getting rid of technology anytime soon.  If you or your kiddos want to enhance your computer skills this has you covered.  Kaden is looking forward to the rest of the course and can't wait to get started on the next activity project.

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