Coffee Chocolate and Target

We have been busy with school and organizing our home a lot since Christmas.  This has kept us super busy, but sometimes you just need a break.  That was Mahala and I today.  We jumped in the van, drove around for a little while taking pictures.  Then we headed over to Target, picked up some snacks and of course did a little shopping.  Afterwords we drove around more while chatting it up and enjoying our newly found Love....coffee M&Ms.

Life can get so busy and we can sometimes let the little moments pass us by.  Especially when you have a kiddo with special needs.  I try to grasp as many of those as I can with my Kiddos.  Kaden takes a lot of my time, so it's nice to grab Mahala by herself just to hang out.....no agenda, just being together.  When we got home we painted our nails and played a few hands of Uno.  

I look forward to many more of these days, even when she's in college and a Mom herself.  I know we will always find the time to step away and have a little Mom and Daughter Time!!!

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