School Time Goes a Little Like This....

I noticed that I don't share as much as I thought I did about our Homeschooling.  Weird, totally because I feel like my whole life is Homeschooling.  So I thought I would share on a more regular basis what we are up to these days.  Mahala is nearing the end of her Homeschool stint, but Kaden has many more fun years ahead.  I'll tell you about Mahala today......

Mahala is all over the place right now.  Her schooling looks kind of like a Quilt with pieces from here and there and everywhere.  Each morning her and I honestly start out slow...we usually cook together, enjoy our coffee or hot cocoa while we catch up on social media or watch a show from whatever series we are addicted to.  We use this time to just be.....having a younger sibling with Autism is difficult and you need that down time.  Kaden usually plays Minecraft while we do this, so it's actually kind of quiet.  

Right now my Daughter-in-Love is working with her in Math 3-4 days a week.  Math was never easy for me, I always struggled.  I struggled to the point that even easy Math tripped me up because I was so nervous! :)  We are concentrating on all things English, Literature and History for the next few months.  Then in April, May, June and July we will turn to Sciences like Botany and Chemistry along with continuing Math, Reading and any electives.  Her Electives are editing on the computer, photography and Music.

At least once a week, we focus on the Arts...Music and Artistry in some form.  We also have started a day a week that we practice Self-Care.  She will be a Wife and Mother one day to her own Kiddos, Nieces, Nephews, her Church and Community....not to mention a Job either for Herself or an employer.  So, I want her to learn now how to take care of herself...not to put herself last on the list.  She needs to show herself compassion and rest.  I am taking this last year and a half to really help her build an arsenal for herself to replenish her soul every single day.  I learned this only recently....I want to give her the tools now to try and save her some of the hurdles I had to jump over.

We also Meditate and do deep breathing techniques daily and right now the weather is not so good for Mommas with Lupus like myself...so in the Winter time I stay inside more.  But, once the weather looks better we will bring school outside as much as possible.  
So, that's about what Her school looks like right now.  More details soon about Specifics. :)

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