Not so Little RV Adventure~part1

So, it's been a few months since we have been home now from our RV trip.  Our cross country experience was amazing.....I was blown away with America!! 
While we traveled I journaled, took a ton of pictures and now I want to sit down and walk through it all with you.  I plan to share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Extremely Ugly!!  I tried to post while we were on the road, but unfortunately with spotty internet connection, family adventures and mishaps I just didn't get it all posted.  Now I can take the time and redeem myself with sharing our Not so Little RV Adventure!!!

The Day Before we are set to leave we spend ALL DAY loading the last bit of stuff into our 2017 Thor Windsport.  We are ready to call it a night so we can wake up first thing in the morning and head out.  So, we clear up the boxes, wrappers and trash and Hubby goes over and pushes the Slide Button to bring in our full wall unit Slide.  And guess what?  It wouldn't come in....we tried and tried, over and over and then we heard a huge POP!!!  

Nearly 2 hours into talking with a service rep and trying to safely get it in far enough so neighbors wouldn't crash into it we were exhausted.  It was a Friday night, so we had to sit and wait until Monday to see if we could bring the Windsport in.  That was the LONGEST weekend, we were all bummed, just deflated really.  First thing Monday morning we called and they said we could bring it in Tuesday.  But, he warned us that if parts were needed it could take up to 3 weeks to get them in and installed.  Honestly we didn't have that time...Hubby was off on his Sabbatical, we had no other choices.  He was off and this was cutting into our cross country time. :(

See what happens that following day Next!

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