Chara Games 3 Seeds: Reap Where You Sow ~ REVIEW

We have a New FAVORITE Game......I was super excited to Review another game from Chara Games that created another game I recently Reviewed called Commissioned.  We love playing games around here and strategy games are the best.  While we were enjoying game nights with Commissioned we didn't hesitate to open up 3 Seeds as soon as it came in. 

Here is the "Sheila" version of playing 3 Seeds...I say that because my whole family always takes the instructions from me because they say I have a way of confusing them in my explanation.  If all else fails, there is a video explaining how to play.....I promise it wont hurt my feelings. :)  Basically you receive 4 sets of Seed cards... 6 cards of each color, 15 Crop cards, 14 Harvest cards, 17 Event cards, 2 Reference cards, a Pawn, Markers for the score card in each color and Point Markers to also go along with the, scorecard. The instructional booklet shows you how to set up your cards....very simple to remember for the next time you play.  The point of the Game is you Reap Where You Sow.  So, you have to decide where your Time Money and Labor will get spent.....your crops or another player's crop.  Very interesting to here everyone trying to persuade others to do what they think the other should do.  Kaden was sneaky....he had an agenda to win, so we had to watch out for him when he handed out advice. :)
The Crop Cards were your veggie and fruit cards that gave a brief description and at the top showed how much Time, Money and Labor was needed to read the particular crop.  The Harvest Cards tell you your crops value and the Event Cards can bring you joy or make you want to cry.  You earn those when you score points off of another player's crop.

The reason why we enjoy playing this game so much is that it offered a strategic game experience that we didn't have to carve half a day out to achieve.  We love long game days filled with snacks and a few stretch breaks.  But, sometimes we don't have all day, like pictured above we just finished dinner and wanted to continue spending time together.  What better way then a quick game of 3 Seeds!  Set up is fast and even though there is strategy involved, turns are easy and an average game for us is under an hour.....it's perfect.  Once again we feel that the product offers sturdy pieces conveniently packaged.  The picture quality on the cards are visually appealing....the kids all agreed and brought this up all on their own. 
Because there is no board this game will definitely find it's way onto our RV and I can picture it laid out on many National Park picnic tables in the future.  This would be great for Family nights or even a Homeschool afternoon.  Head over and see for yourself and pick up your own 3 Seeds Game on Amazon today.  Also, don't forget to stay connected and check out Chara Games with Social Media!

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