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I can not believe that I only have a few years left Homeschooling Mahala....it has gone by way too fast.  That said we have been busy catching up in any areas that she's not strong in and all the loose ends are being tied up.  She needs only one more Science to graduate and that was going to be Zoology.  But, thanks to this next Review she is going to be able to add Chemistry as her final Science.  The Chemistry 101 curriculum is from The 101 Series and it couldn't have come our way at a better time.  Normally we like to use Christian based Science programs and I was thrilled to see that this program hit that nail on the head.  I was pleased to see the quality of the 4 DVDs and videos.  This Series was produced by Westfield Studios, which was created by Wes Olsen.  Wes Olsen is a Homeschool Dad that had 15 years of film production experience and a love for Science that decided he wanted to make a High school level curriculum that was easy to use, understandable and visually enriched.  From the first lesson I can confidently say he succeeded! 

It was easy to install and print out the PDF Guidebook, a booklet explaining how to get the Accreditation for the course for your transcripts and end of section Quizzes.  There is also a few extra printables like the Periodic Table and list of Scientists.  You will have everything you need for a full year of highschool Science from field trip ideas, labs and materials needed list for all the experiments/labs.
Like I said I intended to use this with Mahala, but Kaden was interested in the videos and to be honest I found them really interesting too.  So, we sit around the laptop and watch them usually together and while Mahala does the written question work Kaden and I join in with her on the discussion questions.   There are 19 different lessons that are about 30 minutes long or so.  The perfect amount of time I think for the Kids to stay engaged and have enough attention span to complete the questions, project or experiment afterwords.  Both Mahala and Kaden thought the conversation like way the material was presented to us made it both interesting and more easily retained then any other program we have used so far.  Kaden has Sensory issues and he enjoyed watching along with his Sister....that speaks volumes to me because he is so picky when it comes to educational videos and programs.

So, what did I think?  I Loved them and will be adding the other sets to our collection soon.  I recommend Chemistry 101 to anyone who is Homeschooling.  I think even younger kids could benefit with watching these and maybe doing some of the questions and discussion questions.  I really feel it's customizable, Kaden has gotten a lot out of it and he's only 9.  When we do it again in a few years I think it will be easy peasy for him.  Unlike Mahala who is learning this all for the first time.  Even for her though she said this is her favorite part of her day.  Last year she took Biology and has asked if we can purchase the Biology 101 Set.  That to me is a shocker, when I asked why she said she is interested in seeing how The 101 Series presents Biology and to just watch it for fun.    Hmmmmm, okay I will not turn that down.  I'll admit I picked up a lot of new information just in the few lessons I sat in on a watched with the kids.  So, I would definitely tell you that your kiddos will learn from this program even just by watching the videos as a younger sibling.  But, adding all the questions and extras this is a Full Year of Science.  It's unbeatable in my opinion.

Take a minute and check out The 101 Series through Social Media to stay up to date with what they have going on.  And don't forget to check out their Biology 101 and Physics 101 Series also.
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Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 {The 101 Series}

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