What I Have Learned

Things I've been thinking about lately......

If I could share something that I have learned in life what would it be?  Well, it would be that no matter what cards you are given in Life you can still play your hand and play it well.  This is your one chance at life live it, don't just watch other's live theirs.  And Success isn't determined by the amount of stuff you have collected, titles you've acquired or money you have earned.  True Success is when you lay your head on your pillow at night and can say that today you did your Best.  You showed up, gave from your heart and hands and lived your Best.

When did Your Best suddenly became not enough?  I remember in school...I did my Best and I went to sleep at night satisfied.  As I got older, became a Mom, a Wife, a part of a Community that all changed.  It all became clear that My Best wasn't good enough.  Mix in Social Media and all the Self Help books that surround us daily and we begin to doubt even core Bests that we have known and believed for years.  And instead of sleeping like a Baby we are scared stiff in a puddle of sweat as appointments, to-do lists, negative thoughts, worries and doubt fill our minds to the point of a full on anxiety attack.  Yes, this has happened to me....numerous times.  
Now how do I cope besides letting go and letting God handle it.  I just wake up every morning and do my Best.  I've realized that I can do one moment at a time.  This moment, there is no need to worry about next Wednesday or start mapping my Black Friday Target route in May.  You miss too many precious moments with the people that really matter when you do that.
I don't want to Miss Any More Moments......

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