Heading North Before East

First off I have to say I do not like driving at night and hopefully I’ll never have to drive in the dark again……especially in this RV.  Going up and down the mountains at 10pm is not my idea of a good time, but we did it to catch up and quickly decided 3 hours of driving like that was enough.  We pulled over at a Cabela’s and stayed safely there for the night with several other Travelers.   We slept like babies…this RV is truly a Blessing.  The Lord provided everything we needed in an RV.  Funny thing is we had a list of must haves and wants.  Everyone told us we probably wont find an RV with everything on our list, so we were prepared to pick a few of our important needs and compromise on the rest.  But, we didn’t have to compromise...shockingly we got every want and need on our list!

We made it to Salt Lake City.....the Salt Flats were something I have Never Seen before, not on tv or even a picture.  So I wasn't sure what to expect and my eyes were filled with this magnificent  view below.  I was like a child on Christmas morning!!  

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  1. Love following your adventures! I loved staying in our RV, but I admit to traveling with my eyes closed a lot! Scared me to death!!