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My Family is always on the look out for New Games, especially educational ones.  We supplement our school day several times a week with games.  Not long ago I found out about a New Company named Sunya Publishing.  We were given the opportunity to Review one of their Newest Math and Science Games called Sunya The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing. (ages9+)  Of course Kaden was all over it and we couldn't wait till it arrived.  He literally asked to check the mail every day till it came. :)

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/05-24%20Sunya%20Publishing/Sunya%20Math%20and%20Science%20Multiplying%20and%20Dividing%20book%20and%20cards%202_zpskq5wmzfo.jpgThe game consists of 2 decks of brightly colored cards, a timeline and an instruction Guidebook.  One of those decks are for making number sentences and the other is filled with questions and riddles.  Kaden wanted to dive in quickly since Math is his thing.  He took one look at the directions and immediately was turned off.  So, I took a look at them and then I said....ok we will wait till Daddy gets home. :)  The directions are a little confusing, but I think it's because there are many variations to the game.  There is a lot going on and Kaden, who is on the Autism Spectrum gets overwhelmed and frustrated.  We both were not expecting this out of a game regarding Multiplication.

So, we decided to put the manual away and just look at the cards.  We made number sentences and later realized that's the basic game.  You make a problem like 3x5=15 and then the next player can change it up to say something else.  It reminded me of the game Upwards, but with numbers.  The name of the Game is Sunya and it's a word from Sanskrit which means empty or without any quantity.  Once a player has no more cards to play they say Sunya!!!  The winner in each round gets to ask the other player a riddle or question card that was supposed to add another dimension to the game.  But, honestly I think it was just too much, yet not enough at the same time.  I mean it's supposed to be a Science and Math game, but I didn't see enough Science to claim that.  And I can't help that it instead takes away from the great Math game.  But, that's just my opinion.  

If you asked me what I thought I would say I did enjoy the Game for the most part.  This Game is still being developed and they are taking our opinions to try and make a Great product even better!  But, if I were to be honest I would say that if the game was not reasonably priced I may not have purchased.  Only because of the confusion of the directions and I'm still not sold on the whole Math and Science part.  Math, yes for sure...I think the way you build over the initial number sentence is awesome.  I love that Kaden can strengthen his Math recall without boring him to death with just reciting his facts.  We will be using it over and over.  He already has them in his bag to take with us camping.  But he's leaving the instruction guide back here at home.  

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