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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/05-23%20Science%20Shepherd/ScienceShepherdIntroScience_zpsp2mry1vp.jpg If I want to get everyone to run to the Kitchen table I either announce I just made a huge plate of Smores cookies or that we are doing a Science Experiment.  I'm pretty good with either one of those options myself.  They both end up making me a Happy Momma!! :)  This next Review I did with Kaden, but Mahala poked her head in to see what we were up to every now and then.  Kaden was given a year long access to Science Shepherd and their Introductory Science.  We were also given a Physical copy of Introductory Science Workbook Level B and Introductory Science Answer Key Level B.  Introductory Science is Creation Based Science and is geared towards Kiddos 5-11 with Level B being more for ages 9-11.  Kaden is 9, so I thought this would be a great way to touch on a lot of areas of Science.  His reading level is extremely high, so this was almost too easy for him as far as the amount of work given and comprehension questions.  It was super easy to get him on board to try this program out.  

Fossil Making
So here is what we did....each day we logged onto their website to watch a video.  It's super simple to log in and get to where you need to go that Kaden was able to do his work independently accept when there was an activity on the agenda.  Then Momma was able to join in on cleaning up all the messes....I mean join in on all the fun!!! :)  It actually was a ton of fun, more on that in a minute.

Creating Weather Patterns
There are 35 weeks worth of lessons packed into this HUGE spiral bound workbook. Each day your Kiddo will enjoy a short video and then complete a page in their workbook.  At the end of the week they have a section Review.  Even the Review and lessons are short, maybe even a tad too short.  I haven't seen any other Science Shepherd curriculum to compare it with only our current Science Curriculum.  This is an Introductory to Science and maybe Kaden would have been a little more challenged with a higher level.  It is definitely something I will be looking into.  Reason being I truly LOVE the way the Science is taught here....it's straight forward, creation based and not a ton of fluff.  Just the way Kaden likes it....he enjoyed every single activity and video.  The only problem he complained about was that it was too easy.  Which is why I need to look into some of their other programs.  
Making a Volcano!
It was nice that he could start a lesson and be done in 15 minutes or less, sometimes with other programs we don't get to our Science lesson or experiment because we know it will take an hour or more to finish so we put it off.  With this program we could always find 15 minutes somewhere to finish a lesson....no more excuses!! :)  Kaden would just keep his book out on the coffee table and in his spare time with his tablet he would watch videos and work in his workbook.  This honestly opened up a lot of interesting conversations between us all as we were waiting for dinner to be cooked.  I think Kaden liked having the control of doing more lessons when he wanted to.  And I never had to beg him to do is Science even once during the Review period.  

Creating Little Animals
Some of the Topics we learned about was Meteorology, Geology, Plants, Astronomy and Oceanography.  We start Flying and Land Creatures next week.  And then we will learn about the Human Body, Ecology, Matter, Energy, Motion and Magnets.  Sounds like a lot of FUN to me!!!  I always give my Kiddos the opportunity to learn further in their studies.  So, up above there is a pic of fossils he made.  He spent hours looking up different types of fossils, where they could be found and the process it takes to uncover them.  So, even if the "actual" lesson was finished quickly, it accomplished the job.  To spark my child's interest and open his mind up to fill it with all of God's Creation.  This has opened the door to many different things and ideas for Kaden to explore and dive deeper into what interests him the most.

So, would I recommend this program?  Yes, Yes, Yes...I think it is a well rounded Science curriculum that offers your child a Taste of God's creation through Science.  With the Videos, Lessons and Activities your child will walk away being more informed if they are new to Science and if your child has been around the Science block a few times this would be a fun filled Review.  And I can't help but think they will hear and learn lot's of new things too.  
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Science Shepherd Review

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