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Kaden has been able to broaden his knowledge and horizons a little bit the past several weeks.  We have been using an online program called Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens.  They were kind enough to give Kaden a year long subscription to their 3rd grade program.  I can't wait to share my thoughts about it in this Review.

Kaden is a huge reader and a lover of all things Math, History and most Science.  But, we haven't really dug deep into Geography or into Life Science.  So, when we heard about this program I was immediately on board and he kind of scratched his head and dug a heel or two firmly into the ground.  But, that didn't last very long....as soon as we logged on for the first time he has been mesmerized.  It started with the very first few pictures and videos.  Oh my goodness it's like you are right there in the Rainforest taking the photo yourself.  Each picture is Beautiful and the next exceeds the previous one you just looked at.


There are 34 Lessons divided into 5 Units

- The Big Picture of the Rainforest

- Adapt or Die!

- Animals

- Plants and Fungi

- Ecosystem

Rainforest Journey is a great Science Supplement to use with your Kiddos.  It's intended for Kiddos in grades K-5.  You can set it up quickly and navigate through the whole program at your own pace.  It is set up for your Kiddo to be able to work independently, they will have their own log in.  Once you are all set up the fun begins.  Your Kiddo will be mesmerized by breathtaking photos, videos, extra Enrichment and other little extras like Interviews and Trip Journal entries.  

Kaden would log in every Friday, Saturday and Monday.  The lessons only took 15-20 minutes, so we decided to do it for weekend school.  One thing that proved helpful for us was having the option to have the passages read to him.  On days that maybe he was too overwhelmed he could curl up on his floor mat and listen to the lessons and answer the questions orally.  On good days I would have him answer the questions on paper.  I loved that I had the option to print out the questions or have him do them online.  Another neat feature was that if you wanted to, you could print out the lessons...pictures and all.  This was great for us a few times because we had errands to run or a long day trip.  I love educational programs that give me options while teaching. :)  In each Unit there are vocabulary words.  I am working hard with Kaden and his fine motor skills, so I had him start a notebook filled with these words and each day he wrote one thing that stood out in the lesson that day.  He would pick facts mostly, but sometimes he would get a little creative and draw pictures or come up with a little story about what he learned.  Even though the program is organized beautifully and easy to use there is still room for customization. :)

Overall I thought this was a great supplement if you are studying about the Rainforest or Life Science.  It was more then what I thought.  I think it's more like a Journey through the Rainforest then a Program about the Rainforest....if that makes sense.  Kaden enjoyed it and we will continue with it until we have completed the whole program.  When I asked him what he liked most about the program he said that he was able to see some of God's animals up-close that he wouldn't normally get to see.  And he liked that he didn't have to read the passages if he needed a break.  Good enough for me, he was scoring high in all his tests and able to tell me all about what he had learned hours later.  I feel that the information along with all the photos, videos and extras really concrete the facts and it's not all fluff that goes in one ear and out the other.  

Take a LOOK at some FREE Videos yourself....I'm sure your Kiddos will enjoy them!

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Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

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