Night Time Nourishment for My Soul

Some people have Morning routines and that’s great…I on the other hand can’t seem to remember my own name until at least 11am, therefore I have an Evening Routine.  Every single night I repair and nourish myself.  For me I need this...crave this time.  It calms me and prepares me for a new day. 

This is all new to me….before Discovering my Husband's addiction I was always running around like a crazy person trying to concoct this perfect home for my Husband to try and gain his attention.  Did it ever work?  What do you think?  Now I understand the love bank properly.  I have many banks…one for my Kids, my Amazing Husband, Myself and most importantly my Spiritual bank with My Lord and Savior.

For years I put my Husband's needs 1st and since Discovery I have learned that my eyes needed to be turned to the Lord and everything else will fall into place.  So, after I put my youngest to bed I sit in a little corner of our bedroom with this huge silver basket I bought from Target last year.  It’s filled with many journals I have going on all at once.  I have one I write to my Daughter, one that’s my Mad/Sad journal….If you have watched the movie HOME you’ll probably understand that better then if you haven’t.  I have one that is for my personal health journey that I write my food, exercise and anything regarding my health.  I have a scripture and prayer journal and finally I have a plain daily diary of sorts.  Please don’t feel like you need to run out and start journaling hours a day.  It is something that I’ve done for years and brings me comfort and relief.  It also helps me clear my mind of thoughts and ideas, worries and to-do lists.  In my basket I have my Bible, Celebrate Recovery workbooks, our Marriage class workbook, a few random books and a devotional. 

Every night no matter what I sit there and spend at least an hour there Reading, Writing, Praying and Meditating.  It's the best thing I could do for myself as a Mother and Wife.  What do you do each day to give back to yourself and reconnect with God.  What gives you Joy, Peace and Nourishes your Soul?

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