Breakfast for Daddy

Kaden is still doing fine around here...knock on wood.  :)  We have been making little changes here and there and trying to be as consistent as possible for his daily routine.  We had a few extra things to do this week that wasn't in the plans...but, we were able to give enough notice to smooth right over the possible bumps and meltdown craziness.
One of the things we had going on this week was my Husband's Birthday.  Kaden was so excited about it and wanted to surprise Dad with an omelet breakfast.  Yep, he was the sweetest little helper and I must say he was focused and willing to participate in every area of the morning.

He cleaned and sliced mushrooms, made the spinach, shredded the cheese. stirred the eggs and poured them and flipped the omelet before he put it all on the plate.  He even walked it up while I brought the coffee and we served Daddy in bed.  I was so proud of him for showing love and compassion...he struggles with that.  But, today he was a super star and we all told him how proud we were of his hard work and participation in Dad's special day.  
Here are a few pics, I'll post more of that day later. :)

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