Thinking About Bringing The Bento Back

~For awhile I made Bentos for everyone in the family for lunches.  Recently I was looking through old pictures and posts and came across this one.~  

Bentos this week so far!  I took a few weeks off and Kaden acted like I was depriving him of Fresh water.  This Kiddo is Crazzzzzzy about Bentos.  Can you blame him though.  Everything is Bite size and cute.  It's easy to eat and usually there is no mess.  He is a Boy child.  And you know a Boy Child can be a little on the messy side and clean up is not their favorite thing to do.  Actually that might be just a "child" thing :D

If you Bento....what kinds of things do you put in your Bento Box?  My highlight so far was the secret Pound cake and Nutella fish to the right.  Kaden thought it was a Sandwich...... S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!!!!

And I loved the baby Panini sandwiches up-top.  The options are unlimited!

Have a Happy Bento Day!!!

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