Dreaming of a Bungalow

We are looking at building Kaden a little space like this for him to relax and retreat when he needs to.  Problem is we live in a community that has a say in absolutely every thing you do in your front and back yard.  With that said if we do something here while we still live in this house we will need to do something on a smaller scale then the bungalow in the picture here.
Do we wait to move before we do something and then build exactly what we want for him?  Or do we do a smaller version, almost like a practice run?  I don't know, we are still going back and forth with it all.  But, we have started on our back yard.  We have an idea, a plan and a company we are excited to work with.  So, now we have to wait for the HOA to approve it, so we can build it.  Until then we will enjoy life out in our dirt and rock filled backyard.  Sipping iced tea in our camping chairs while we wait for our ribs to come out of the smoker.  Life is delicious!

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