New American Cursive: Penmanship Program Workbook 1~Review

Who remembers cursive exercises in school?  I sure do, I remember feeling so grown up and proper when I wrote in cursive.  Every time I wrote even a note to pass in class you could bet it was in cursive.  So, why did I not ever teach my Kiddos?  Skylar went to public school for a few years and in 3rd grade he learned.  Mahala and Kaden though are all mine to mold and shape.  And cursive has not been top of the list.  When I heard that Memoria Press was offering me New American Cursive:  Penmanship Program Workbook 1($22.95 value) in return for my Review I thought this was my chance to cross Cursive off my things to teach list!!!

New American Cursive:  Penmanship Program Workbook 1 is recommended for kiddos as early as 1st grade.  I know Mahala is FAR from 1st grade and I'll be honest she was a little embarrassed in the beginning.  I have later found out they do have another program for older students and adults.  Need to pick that up for our next school year.  The thought behind starting at an early age is that it's easier to master.  A younger kiddo doesn't have years of manuscript writing to try a different cursive style.

New American Cursive is a little different than the cursive I remember growing up.  At first I was a little unsure if I wanted to stray from what I learned.  But, when I saw the way it looked and learned the reasoning behind the improvement to the cursive style my tune changed.  With this new style there are less strokes then other cursive styles and it's far more simple for students to pick it up.  New and simple with the same kind of classic cursive look...sign me up!  

So, Mahala has always had ugly handwriting, I'm sorry ya'll....but it's the truth!  I have tried and tried with her and that is probably a huge reason why I never attempted to teach her cursive.  But, recently she has truly tried to take more time to make her writing legible.  I honestly was not expecting much from this program, I truly thought I was going to have to write a review admitting that this cursive program had not cracked Mahala.  That she would be apart of a minority group that could not improve her writing and master the cursive alphabet.  We even set a goal for this program.  If she could write her name and someone other then her Mom could read it we would call this a success!  Well, it's a success people, I am very impressed.  I wished that I would have had her write her name in cursive on day one and took a picture of it.  I only have a picture now after a little over four weeks of using the NAC Penmanship Program Workbook.  

Mahala honestly was on a mission, so she worked through the whole book in 4 weeks.  But, this was a mission and she practiced and practiced every single day, minus the week she was gone building houses in Mexico with our church.  I was very proud of her and her results made her extremely proud of herself.  And isn't that what it's all about?!  Everyday she worked on it for about a half hour or so.  But, I feel the average lesson time is no more then 15 minutes or so.

Okay, I am anxious to give this program a try with Kaden in a few years because they do attack each assignment in a multi-sensory focused way.  And we all know how I LOVE LOVE that. :)  In the very beginning Mr. Meercat goes over correct paper and pencil placement.  He will then introduce each letter, both in upper and lower case at the same time.  I love how with each letter the instructions are to say the letter, feel the letter, and then write the letter.  Mahala doesn't need the extra sensory input at the age of 15.  But, Kaden who is on the Spectrum does.  Some ideas I will use in the future is pipe cleaners in the shapes of the letters laid on top of the instruction page.  A pan of colored sand to feel and and see as they practice.  I mean the possibilities are endless. :)  Okay, back on track....after that exercise you will see the next page that follows is filled with fun exercises and a spot for artwork.  This is a place where your student can have a little fun and get creative.

So, what did we think?  We loved it and I look forward to using it with Kaden when he gets older.  I feel that every Family should add this to their homeschool.  I mean, why not?  It's super cute, fun and easy to slip in between subjects that you are already doing.  The spiral bound book is beautifully done with nice sturdy pages too.  So, this workbook can be tossed in a bag and taken anywhere you have to go.  It's a keeper over here in the Manic House, check it out for yourself! :)

You can purchase your own copy of New American Cursive: Penmanship Program Workbook 1 by Memoria Press for only $22.95. 
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