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Once again we had the opportunity to use and review an online supplement program for our homeschool use.  IXL kindly gifted us both of their programs, IXL Math and IXL Language Arts for a year.  I had heard from other homeschool Moms about IXL and their math program.  It was something I had wanted to try with Kaden as a nice supplement and practice.   And when I  learned they had their new additional program for Language Arts, I was even more eager to check them out and see just what everyone has been talking about for myself.
No matter what grade level your Kiddo is currently doing, they will have access to all grade levels with the IXL Program.  The IXL Math program covers grades Pre K through Pre-Calculus (12th grade).  And the IXL Language Arts covers grades 2nd-8th.  Kaden loved the flexibility of picking and choosing from different grade levels.  And it conveniently reported back to me in an easy to read chart.  As a Parent this allows you to easily identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Amazingly enough we are professionals when it comes to online Math programs and if we like them or not.  We feel there are a few major must haves for it to work for our Family.  First of all it needs to be easy to log on and navigate so the kids can work at a moments notice independently.  Next, it's always fun when the Kids can see their progress.  We are a list crossing off kind of Family.  Give us a list of things to do and we will power through till everything is crossed off.  And I need a program that grades and keeps track of what the Kiddos are doing online.  This Program hits each thing Beautifully....I'll explain. 

This is not a program that is going to teach new concepts to your Kiddos.  Like their Motto says it's "Practice that feels like Play".  And this is exactly what the average and not so average Kiddo needs.  

Like I said above we need independence for the Kiddos and IXL delivers.  It's easy to set up and the navigation even between the Math and Language Arts is so simple.  I think even a young child would have no issues once they have had a quick look over the program with Mom or Dad.  The second important thing was having progress easily available to the Kiddos so they can see their hard work.  I love how the tracking is done with IXL.  They show on the side problems attempted, time elapsed and a smart score out of 100.  Once they start earning awards they are able to check out this huge grid with question marks all over it.  There they will find stars that reveal picture prizes.  Kaden and Mahala looked at it as a challenge.  Who can get the most today or in each subject.  It was nice to see them motivated to learn while playing.  The last must is the tracking of the grades and their successes and not so successful areas.  And once again my expectations were met and then some.

 You can set it up to organize everything by Grade Level or Topic....My Kiddos liked having it divided by Topics.

Kaden did use the program almost every single day for fun and that's the story he is sticking to.  Mahala only worked a few days a week.  She is now in High-school, so this program really revealed where her strengths and weaknesses are as far as math goes.  I told her after the Holidays she needed to commit to 15 minutes a day during the week.  
This program was designed to be a Review Program.  You will find over 4,000 practice skills.  This is something to use along with your current curriculum to provide a supplement.  Whether your child needs some extra help or just a little review I think you will find IXL will meet your needs what ever they are! We look forward to using this program throughout the rest of our school year and beyond during the Summer months too.

Let me tell you how affordable IXL is....an annual subscription for one child for Math is just $79; for Math AND Language Arts....it would be $129.  
Two Kiddos for Math, it's $99 for the whole year and for Math and Language Arts, it would be $149.  

Pricing for Family Memberships starts at just $9.95/month or $79/year for one subject. Each additional Kiddo costs $2/month or $20/year. You can go HERE for more Pricing Information on the Membership that Best fits you and your needs.

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