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I was able to get in on a Great Math Flash Card program a few weeks ago and now I get to share my Review about the product with you.  UberSmart Math Facts from UberSmart Software was created by Homeschooling and Computer Programming Dad, David Kocur when he was given the task of finding a Math Flash Card Program by his wife for their Kiddos to use.  After looking and not finding exactly what he wanted he decided to make one on his own.  This was really inspiring to me and I could not wait to see what he had come up with.  One of David's Daughters has a learning disability and she has grown leaps and bounds.  So, could this help solidify the Math Facts Kaden already knows?  I was ready to find out....not to mention one of my older Kiddos could use a little refresher on her Math Facts also!  :)  

Back to some of the details- UberSmart Math Facts is a downloadable Windows program to help your Kiddos learn their math facts.  Get this...when You download it once it is yours.  And the BEST part is it's only $24.95 for up to 8 Kiddos.  I alone have spent twice that on flimsy flash cards and countless sheets of paper and time writing them out over and over.  David Kocur designed his program to help Kiddos in grades K-6 ( even older if you have a Kiddo that needs to freshen up) be successful in learning their math facts.  You will see that it gives the Kiddos time to soak it all in thoroughly by teaching the Math Facts one group at a time beginning with adding 0's, then 1s and so on and so on.  This helps Kiddos build their confidence up as they complete and master each fact group solidify an amazing foundation for the rest of their Math Lives.   That might have been a bit Dramatic, but honestly once you get behind in Math it can really drag a Kiddo's self confidence down.  So, getting them strong right from the start is the way to go in my book!
 There are 2 options for you to pick from: Beginner and Intermediate. Your Kiddos will only be able to learn Addition and Subtraction in the Beginner Option and it only shows Dot Flash Cards, no numbers.  The Dot Card option looks like they are huge dice. The Intermediate Option offers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and uses typical looking Flash Cards. 

There is a Practice tab that is kind of like the Learn tab option, except that the Kiddo will have to manually enter the answers in themselves before moving on to the next question. Kaden had a really hard time with this because his coordination with the keyboard stinks and the 10 seconds or so goes by real fast and then the answer pops up and he would freak out.  But, we did this together and that was ok too...a little teamwork.  But, he preferred the Learn Portion overall.
There is also a Test portion of the program which offers assessment tests and mastery tests. The assessment test is not timed, the mastery test is timed.  Guess which one Kaden decided to do each time?  If you said the assessment test, you would be Correct!!  I did have him do both though, I would just quickly enter in the answer as he told me during the mastery tests.

 The Compete tab is a spot where you get several kinds of problems on flash cards as you Compete with other UberSmart Math Facts users around the world to see how well you do against their skills. Finish all of the questions then you get to see your score and rank against the competitors. Lot's of fun and oddly this was Kaden's most Favorite portion of the whole program.  Hours he would do this, hours!!!  

The Report tab was a big help for me and aloud me to see reports from each of my Kiddos.  Straightforward and easy!!!  I like that there is just enough bells and whistles but, not overly done like some things I have used in the past.  This was very easy to get the Kiddos to use almost every single day of the week.  I just told them to complete a Math 15, which is basically 15 minutes of Math Flash Card time.  Never was it just the 15 minutes, at least an hour each time, sometimes like I said earlier Kaden would play for longer on the Competing section. :)

Would we continue using this?  Yes we will be continuing this product in our Homeschool.  It's so important to get that Math Foundation down!!!  This is a product that will give your Kiddos the tools to accomplish just that!  Check it out, it's worth your time to head on over to their website.  They even have a Free Trial.

UberSmart Software offers a 30 day free trial so you can see if UberSmart Math Facts is for you and your Family.
UberSmart Math Facts is a Windows program.  It will run on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
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