Pretend Wednesday

I used to post the 7 whys of Wednesday. Let's pretend today is Wednesday and that I have 7 things to share...

1. Why can my Son read the whole "Twilight" series (4 huge books) in 6 days, but takes a whole month to read half of "A wrinkle in time"? Ok, I guess I know why...I just had to get that off my chest.

2. Why do I love coffee soooo much, but after half a cup I have to go to the bathroom? And I'm not talking about going to tinkle.

3. Why doesn't Subway have a drive thru?

4. Why does cotton have to shrink, even when it says that it's pre-shrunk?

5. Why do people have such a hard time at 4-way stops. It's just like what we learned in Kindergarten.....take turns. You go, then you go and I go.


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