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Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network 
Awhile back I was asked to be apart of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Launch Team.  What a Blessing it has been for not just me, but my Family as well.  Since I've been apart of this awesome team of ladies Our Family has taken many different twists and turns.  We have been through some hardships and difficult times.  It hasn't been so easy to just pick up a phone and call someone to talk to.  What I have been able to do it scroll through the many Prerecorded Podcast Radio Shows and recieve guidance and Encouragment.
There are many different Radio Shows that happen weekly and Special Events to speckle your calendar with.  I don't always make it to the live shows, but sometimes just having them on while I finish the dishes or fold cloths is like having an old friend in the room.  Much more comforting then a tub of ice cream I promise!!!

Jeff and Felice HeadshotsThe Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network was Created by Felice Gerwitz.  Her and her husband, Jeff own Media Angels, Inc.  In an effort to serve the Christian homeschool community she started this Podcast Adventure.  She wanted to Provide the best Christian, homeschool speakers who would Inform, Inspire and Encourage listeners around the world.  And She has done just that in this home for sure.  There have been days that I felt such Despair, but I knew I was just a click away from an Encouraging Breath of Fresh Air.  Thank You Felice so much!!

Oh, and did I mention the cost of Listening to The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network?  Sit down and grab a cold drink.....it's FREE, yes I said FREE.  Please take a minute or two and check out their Calendar for March 2014.  There is something for everyone to brighten their day.

Here are a Few Podcasts that I Love.....

Moms get to talk about the things that really matter to them like Family, Faith and More! You can Share your heart with other Moms who will listen and care! It's Our turn to have fun, stay up late, laugh and meet new friends. I Promise you will be Energized and ready to face new daily challenges.

Homeschool Sanity Show Button 300  

Christian Psychologist and Veteran Homeschooling Mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, interviews the experts twice monthly on the issues that drive you the Most crazy.


Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using experience as a teacher. You will even have a chance to ask your own questions during the live events. :)

Rejoicing Daily Cover  

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day necessities of life. Each day can bring obstacles to overcome, hardship and events that bring laughter and joy to our hearts.  Join Rebecca Brandt, as she walks the road of Rejoicing Daily. Together with her guests, you will be equipped to fully embrace.

destination: inspiration 300x300  

We all dream of & desire adventure. During Jen’s weekly 30min show, be transported on inspiring journeys across the globe, your community, and right in your living room! Together with her guests, envision yourselves on an expedition to discover more outside your homes, your neighborhoods, your state, country, and around the globe!

Sounds Exciting, right?  Please, don't Forget to let me know what You think and which Podcast you have started listening to. :)  Make sure You Visit their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+
You can read what other Christian homeschooling parents are saying over at Bow of Bronze about Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network .

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