My Coat of Many Emotions

Have You ever had a moment of Pure Clarity, yet in a State of Shock and Confusion?  Yes, I know that sounds crazy....but I have experienced that.  Over the past Month I have went through so many Emotions I feel like my Mind has a Revolving Door.  Just keeping myself Sane enough to get through Daily tasks has been a Struggle.
I'm not ready to Come right out and say what has Happened to My Family over the Past 31 days.  Who knows, I may Never be able to and that's ok.  I can say that I am in a Better Place right now.....at this very moment.  What will I say Tomorrow?  I have no idea, but all the Professionals tell me I'm right where I need to be.  So, that's where I'm at.  You can find me on the Corner of Confused and Clarity!

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  1. brad larsen1/13/2014

    nice to see you are alive :) been very worried about you all and you are not easy to get in contact with. hope you know i am here if you want to talk :)