Elfy is on the Loose at the Manic House!

Elfy has been quite the busy Elf around here.  The other day he found some floss.  Kaden freaked out about Elfy being wasteful with the floss.  He said he doesn't go back to the Dentist until after the New Year!!!!

 Well, he found himself in trouble...... Kaden figures it serves him right for wasting all that floss. :)

 Looking High and Low for Food in the Kitchen....too bad he doesn't do dishes!!!

Elfy....Don't quit Your day job, You knocked down Kaden's Lego Tower.

Don't Feel bad Elfy the only way I can figure out that Devil Cube is pulling the stickers off!!!

Kaden says the Dinos were sizing you up for a night Time Snack....I think You were being sweet and reading them a story.  

Don't worry, I've often wondered what a bath of Jelly Beans would feel like!!!!!  But, I definitely would not have eaten any of them.  I see Your Nibble Marks on the Mellows!!  

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