Fill My Coffee Cup with Prayer... Please!

Crazzzzzy time here in the Manic House....we have Grandpa visiting from Vietnam.  We are trying to get to a certain spot in our school work that will make me feel accomplished before we head into Summer schooling.
We always school through the Summer, because we tend to take a lot of time off for the Holidays and Birthdays!  :)

And this School Year was a BIG Year, Skylar Graduates!!! YAY!!!!  So, he is all registered and set with his classes.  But, the important part is yet to come!  GRAD PARTY!!!!!!  We were supposed to have it at the New House Club House, but the House construction was pushed out once again.  So, I was told very last minute that the party could not be held there!  :-O

Total Panic Mode!!!  

We found a New venue, but had to change our plans and have the party 4 weeks early.  So, I am in Overdrive!!!!  Decorations, food, table settings, gifts, activities!!!  It's a mess over here!  Not to mention the normal stuff; therapy, Doctor's appointments, softball and life in general.  All I can do is Smile, drink lots of coffee and PRAY!

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