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"Can I have this, can I have that".  "Hmmmmm, I think I never used that $5 I earned for cleaning out the car".  "Hey, do you remember I let you borrow that $1 for an ice cream back in July....I need it back now"?  Have you heard your Kiddos ramble like this from time to time?  I know I have and even though I have taught some basics about saving your money and my two oldest have bank accounts.  I really winged it and didn't think twice about it.

So, when I was asked to use the FamilyMint Program I was really excited.  I thought great, now we can tie up any loose ends on managing your money and the kids would have tools to independently keep track of how much money they have.  We could all use help with money management and need to form new money habits.  Habits like thinking differently, planning differently, reacting differently and behaving differently. It takes at least 2 months to form a new habit. The FamilyMint Method is built around this basic truth and takes about that long to complete!  YAY!!!

Mahala has not only a Bank account, but 2 piggy banks.  And when she started looking around she noticed she had money everywhere.  She found money under the bed, on her desk, in the bathroom, in her jewelry box and any other spot she normally would just stash her change.  The amount she had surprised her and she was ready to start the process of saving and managing her money better.

Mahala is very Goal Driven!!!!  That is a good thing for me as her Mom. She really liked that Online you could visually see the item you want to save for and progressively get closer the more you save.  We did tend to use the Workbook more then the online portion.  I love that you have the option!!! The first day she surprised me at the breakfast table, "Did you know that only 3% of people set goals?  I was impressed how excited she was to learn.  The Guys at FamilyMint believe that Goals are self-fulfilling, create energy, and can lead to extraordinary lives and I do agree with them.

My favorite part about this Step-by-Step Money Management Program is all of the worksheets and tracking sheets.  And their Blog has so much info and tips that the money You could save just from that alone would pay for this program.
Mahala's favorite part besides being closer to her "Goal" was all of the Fun Money Facts that they had throughout the Workbook and the Vocabulary words.  I've never seen a child so excited about Vocabulary words. :)  Also, she is looking forward to hanging up the Awesome Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

I''m very proud of her success so far.  I would have never thought to look into this kind of program to use with my children.  Thank Goodness I was Blessed with this opportunity to review such a well thought out and encouraging product!!!  With that said I would definitely recommend The FamilyMint Money Management Program!!
Special Introductory Bundle Offer

Special Introductory Bundle Offer!
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