To Float or Not to Float......

 Invasion of the 5 year old has hit my Bathroom and I think he is here to stay!!!  Kaden usually takes a shower at night because he freaks out if water gets on his hair and face.  But, a month or so ago he was looking at his foam blocks and was asking about their weight.  They are so light compared to his wooden blocks.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what they would do in water, I bet they would float.  I was like go own with your bad self, work your brain and take a look.  He was thrilled that his hunch was right on.
So, in came the huge bag of foam blocks.......poured them all in the tub(dog hair and bits of paper included).  He turned on the water and watched them like a proud mother hen.  I told him he should get in with them.  He seemed puzzled, but lifted a leg anyway to hop in.  I had to stop him, because (literal) Kaden was going to take a dip in the tub fully clothed!  HAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, that night was a successful bath, I was proud of him.  I even managed to get a little soap on him!  :D
I went out a bought some bubbles and for Christmas he opened all kinds of bath goodies.  One he loves is this Cars bath paint.  He also Loves these animals and insects that I bought for him.  I can now count on an hour of Bath Time almost every single night.  Good for him, but the relaxing bathroom I once had, now looks just like the rest of the house....a mess!!!  HAHAHAHAHA  Oh, well, at least my boy is clean! :)

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  1. I loved doing this floating and sinking experiment in the bath with William and Catherine! I never realised before I had kids what an adventure bath-time could be.
    Great blog.
    Best wishes
    Sonya @ homeschool-activities