The Most Meaningful Birthday Gift

My sweet Mahala is turning 13 in a few days!!!  Where has all the time gone?  Seriously, it's a valid question....right?  I look at her and I chock back tears because it seems like just the other day I was teaching her how to read.  The other day we were just giggling over puppies and their little wet noses being so cold.  Even though she would probably still think that was funny she is just soooooo grown up now.
She's at that stage were she is a young lady yet knows nothing about the "world".   She has so much learning to do and growing both spiritually and mentally.  Now is the time to strengthen our bonds as a family and tether her heart closer to God.  As I see it you should link your kids tightly to what or who you want them to come running to when they are in trouble or have a need.  And for me that's her family and God.
I love that by homeschooling her I am able to bake mid morning with her if I want to or we can try and recreate an exotic meal for the family to enjoy at dinner.  I love that we are able to whistle and chit-chat while we clean the house up together.  Or do a last minute sneak away to target after lunch together.
I was trying to think of a present I could get her that would be both special now and still meaningful many years to come.  And I can up with one.  Only thing is, she will not get it until the day she turns 14.  Confused?  Ok, so I have purchased a Beautiful leather journal.  And everyday from her birthday till the last day she is 13 I am going to write in it and add pictures where appropriate.  I'll add ticket stubs, special candy wrappers or whatever that I can to make that 1st year as a teen stand out to her even years after she's walked down that isle.  Oh, my lets not even talk about that!!!  :O
We are going to have a great party for her with her friends.  She will get her "gifts", but there will be 1 that will be a work of love in the process and it will be waiting for her in a pile of gifts at her 14th Birthday party.  What a year this will be!!

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