Punked for Honey Kix?

I wanted to try the New Honey Kix mainly because as a kid I loved Kix. I remember my Mom laughing at me because I would play tea party with them in my "fine" china bowls with all my Cabbage Patch Kids. She said she bought them because I loved them so much. I think she bought them because they weren't loaded with sugar and I wouldn't climb the walls all wired.
So, how fun would it be to let little Kaden try them out, right? So, last week he climbs up into his seat and says,"cereal please". I put them out on the table with his bowl & spoon. He looks at the box and inspects it. I make him a bowl and; he loved them. He looks over at me as I scarf down adult cardboard and asks me if I wanted some. I thought how sweet of him to ask me. And then his eyebrows bunched together and he said nooooooooooooooo, just kidding. :-) And he laughed and giggled. I thought did I just get punked by a 2year old? I think I did.

He had 3 bowls that morning. I couldn't believe it....and he never shared until the end. He offered me the left over milk and smiled up at me as he said Thank you Mommy!!!! What a boy, you got to love him. So, for now on he's gonna be a Honey Kix kind of kid. Can't blame him, I had to sneak a bowl while he was playing with Mahala. They were great! Just like Kix with a touch of honey sweetness. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm gonna have a bowl now.


  1. I still get Kix for my kiddos now and then :) The honey ones sound yummy........a fun cereal to eat!

  2. Oh I am SOOO all over the Honey Kix too! :) Maybe I'll go get a bowl! ;)

  3. I never tried Kix. But I will have to do so. My Hubby says he likes it. I'll have to try the Honey ones, they sound pretty good. Your little one is too precious!!==Have a great evening my friend.