I'm dyed up to here! I'm pointing above my forehead right now, you just can't see because I'm on the floor begging for the Easter Bunny to take me with him.
What a day we have had. Filled with food, dye, baskets, grass and more grass. P.S. I will NEVER bye grass again. Those shimmery plastic strands are everywhere in my house.

I hope the bunny will stop by and leave a goody or two for my little ones, but who knows. He might walk in and look at the mess and decide it's a little too messy, even by his standards.

Everything aside, Tomorrow is Easter!!!! I have many wonderful memories of this Holiday. After church we are celebrating Easter with new friends of ours. They are a wonderful family and we all look forward to being with them.

Well, I have a few more eggs to fill and bows to tie. Happy Easter!

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  1. I DO NOT do grass either!! shredded paper only!