Eat my Elmo!

It was Kaden's Birthday Party last Friday. He loves Elmo so much. He walked around saying, "I eat my Elmo". Yes honey, you eat your Elmo. HA HA Kids, cute right? Well, sometimes when the moods right & PMS is not around the corner.

The night before everyone helped me blow up 50 balloons. Kaden loves anything with balloons. Everywhere we go he asks for one. Even when they have none to give, he still asks. At least he's consistent.
So, we covered the downstairs play room with them and filled his Zebra tent to the top. When he walked down the stair he saw the glow from the balloons and started screaming. BALLOONS!!!!!
It was a Kodak moment!

This is the face I saw all day long. Kate Gosselin would have died if she would have brought her happy bunch to our little shin dig. Because I dressed him in Red because I new Elmo's frosty fur was going to be all over him that day. And you know what? I didn't care! I mean how many times in our lives can we just chow down with not a care in the world at whose looking? Very few people, so eat I say, eat like no one cares!! And he did, and again and again and again. He ate 4 cupcakes that day. Elmo was a cupcake cake. And by the end of the day he was gone, thanks to everyone else that ate like nobody was watching. HA HA He was a mess and his cheeks were stained pink for two days afterwards.

He opened all of his gifts with precision. Hell, as a child I just ripped into. But, not this little boy. He just took his time and enjoyed every moment.
After everyone left I figured he needed to burn a little Elmo off. That or howl at the moon all night. So, we went outside to play a little soccer. Mark my word right now when I say that one day he will be a Pro Soccer player. He has been kicking around a ball since he was 11 months old. What a story he will have when he's famous.


  1. He is so cute!!

    Elmo looked delicious.

  2. how sweet- he looked shamelessly high from all that Elmo sugar! Good for him! Happy Birthday Kaden!

  3. Precious! Love the new color scheme, although I thought I was lost for a few minutes! :-)

  4. love the Elmo cupcake cake!!