Firecracker Talapia

Today was a Good day! A productive day!
Right now Thanh is taking Mahala and Skylar to church. After church tonight they are having a kids movie night!! Yeah!!! That means time to myself until 9:30, yeah me!!! But, little Kaden will still be toddling around. That's Ok because he is the cutest.
Last night Kaden wasn't so cute. He cries out off and on most nights. I would love to have 2 nights in a row of peaceful sleep, please God!! So since last night and early this morning was not the best I really had to drag my Big Butt out of the bed.
I ate cereal with Kaden, then he ate eggs with Mahala. And Thanh made an omelet with 100 day old meat. I swear I hope he makes it to see tomorrow. Skylar didn't wake up till 10Am so he ate cereal.
I took Kaden outside for the first time in like 6 days because of the fires. We played in his sand box with his Malibu sand. And then I decided to clean up outside with the kids help.
My friend Karen came over and brought us In and Out burgers. LOVE THEM!!!! She is the Organization Queen, so she was going to help Thanh clean out the small garage ( we have 2 separate garages ) so we can put up our new weight set. Now I say New because it has never been open. We have had it for 3 years, I know! So the garage is looking great now thanks to Thanh's hard work and Karen's direction. I on the other hand sat out there and looked cute....real cute.
I did make a really lovely dinner. Firecracker Talapia and rice. Sing my praises everyone...I'll wait for you to finish singing!!!!
So, tonight I will give the Kad Man his bath and try to put him down before I go pick up the other lights of my life. Then hopefully Thanh and I can watch a movie!!! Night Night!


  1. Singing away...dinner is not my favorite thing to make, so if you do it on a regular basis, you're a hero in my book!

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