Check out my New Bruises

The drive was long and the social worker had a zillion questions. I was like shut up. My head hurt, my body and sinuses were killing me. Shut up with all the questions. I wanted to scream. If I was there right now I would have screamed, "stop this, stop this pain.
Give me back my Mommy and Daddy!" I wanted to scream! But, I didn't I was scared where was she taking me in the cold, in the dark. We went down winding roads with trees, lot's of trees. There on the right side of the road was a nice 2 story house with a single window with lights on. Here we are!
I take my backpack and hold it in front of me. The house was older with a lived in look. They had a piano and tall bookcases. The couches were mix matched and the flooring reminded me of the office at school. Here she is, the recent abused child of our county. Will you keep her, nobody else wants her? She didn't say that but now looking back that's how I felt. I've carried this feeling around for YEARS!
The couple was odd. The woman was short and round with bushy hair. The man was tall, balding with glasses. They both spoke kind to me as they checked out my new bruises. They showed me to my room because it was late. All of the other children were asleep. The social worker followed behind me & said she would stay a minute more. The man and woman left to tidy the kitchen. I cried and begged the social worker to not leave me. I promised to stay out of Kathy's way just take me back to what was familiar. That was not possible she said, but she promised that on Monday she would come back and check on me. That was 2 days away, I would surly be dead my then. With that she closed the door.
I sat on the bed that had a scratchy blanket on it and two lumpy pillows. It must have been a boy's room I thought. It looked like a boys room. It was not my room. That very morning I had went to school, had lunch with friends, made plans with Red. It was the weekend! Now it was the first day of a not so wonderful life.
As a million things ran through my mind the pain pill the medic had given me started to take a hold of me. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up You will never believe who was in Bed next to me!


  1. Half-Past Kissin' Time6/10/2008

    Nice cliff hanger!! I'll be back!

  2. I know that feeling of being plucked out of the life you know and into a new one...very scary. You are very brave to share.