Ellie Claire Art Journals ~ REVIEW

I have been a journal loving girl since before I knew it was even a thing.  I thought I was just a hoarder of thoughts just like I was with knick-knacks and barbie dolls.  As I grew older it turned into a place I came to often to reflect, vent and day dream about the future.   And as an adult I recorded my gratitude, daily musings, prayer requests and miracles.  I always kept Bible study notes from sermons, but it wasn't until I was introduced to Bible journaling that I saw it in a whole new light.  A light of color, paint, illustrating and creativity galore.  It was a way for me to combine a few of my favorite loves....journaling, creating and Bible study.

Recently I was able to take a look at 3 amazing Ellie Claire Art Journals.  I was wowed from the first moment I opened the box, all three are hardback and have the most gorgeous covers ever.  One of my absolute favorite features of all three of them is that they all lay flat, because of the special spine.  This makes it super easy to doodle, write and complete 2 page spreads.  Let me tell you a little more about each of them and how I have been using my Ellie Claire Art Journals.


The first one I will share about is the beautiful Illuminate Your Story Journal.  Wow, right off the bat the title is inlaid with shimmering foil and it just feels like the most perfect size for a journal in your hands.  I love that there is a special elastic loop for a few of your favorite pens.  The introduction is brilliant as it depicts what it was like as an artist hundreds of years ago illuminating the way for all of us today...one one dried and stretched calf-skin parchment at a time.  I was shocked to learn the History behind illuminated letters along with the 6 different styes and time periods they were used in.  Before you get started on your own illuminating journey you have a simple supplies list and instruction on the use of this journal.  

I think the illustrations and the step by step instruction was helpful as I started through the alphabet.  Basically drawing the basic letter shape, then the flourishes and extras, outline in black market, add little details and the color!  

In between letters you found empty space with quotes that was great to practice or journal your thoughts through this process.  I decided to journal my personal Art History....were it all began for me.  I plan to use this new found skill of illuminating letters for Christmas ornament making this year, addressing letters and notes and a few other fun projects coming up.  
I appreciate at the back of the journal there is an ample keepsake pocket to keep your treasures and an elastic band to keep the whole journal safe and secure.  

Just because I love to journal doesn't mean my lettering or handwriting is great at all.  Actually I have always been embarrassed of it.  Which brings me to the next journal from Ellie Claire and dare I say it's my favorite... The Faith and Lettering Journal.
The pages make me scream with excitement because they are so cool.  You have brightly illustrated pages, graph pages, pages with dots and some with lines and numerous trace and practice exercises and step by step instruction to create the lettering of your dreams.  Ok, maybe I am going a tiny bit overboard, but come on this is a crafter's dream journal. :)

If I back up a bit... there is a wonderful introduction along with a how to use this book.  But, let's be serious here...I just dived right in with the very first exercise.  Mixed in throughout the journal you find so many pages to journal your  heart out and practice creating illustrating and lettering.  I decided to use this journal to reflect on my quiet Bible time moments in the morning and my Bible journal letter and verse writing.

The last journal is The Illustrated World an illuminated Bible Coloring Journal.  This coloring journal is by far offers the most space for journaling.  It offers 40 beautiful illustrations to color with the most amazing detail.  I'm  so impressed that I am able to watercolor on these pages with no buckling, tearing or ruining the next page. 

Because this book is so sturdy and I love the illustration pages I decided to use this as my gratitude journal.  Sometimes to scratch past the typical gratefulness of the morning's coffee and to dig deeper into what makes you thankful a light coloring session may be just the thing needed.  
So, for a few weeks now I have been able to keep my gratefulness here in one place instead of throughout my 5 other journals.  Yes, I have 5 everyday journals I go though each and every day for sketching, painting and writing besides these three.  I told you I love journals! :)  

Another fabulous thing about this journal is the full-color illustrations that were pulled from the archives of the Museum of the Bible.  They are gorgeous and coordinate with most of the illustrations you get to color.  This is truly a fantastic find for anyone who appreciates Biblical Art, journaling and reflecting.

My overall thoughts were that these are quality journals that I would include on my gift giving list.  They are well made and relevant for just about anyone on your list.  I would say that Illuminate Your Story Journal would be perfect for any teen or older that would enjoy learning the new craft of illuminate manuscript writing.  Also perfect for that sign or letter writer in your life.  The Faith and Lettering Journal would be a great gift for even as young as a tweenager, because who 11 or 12 year old doesn't love to doodle and scribble text all over their notebooks anyway?  And last, but not least I think The Illustrated World an illuminated Bible Coloring Journal would be perfect for the older crowd, like older teens, college bound or for any man or woman looking for an elaborate coloring journal to fill with their thoughts and admire the gorgeous artwork in it for inspiration. 
Let me know if you add any of these to your Holiday shopping list this year, I know whoever receives them will be overjoyed! 

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