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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/03-08%20Grapevine/Part%201%20New%20Testament%20Overview%20Birth%20of%20John%20to%20Jesus%20Ministry%20Level%203_zps76gjv5kq.jpg Last year we Reviewed a Bible Study that I personally loved, but for Kaden it was a little more challenging.  After the Review period something happened, I'll share more in a minute.  I'm thrilled to say that Kaden has had a 2nd opportunity to try this Bible Study out from Grapevine Studies.  We were given to Review the New Testament 1: Level 3 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry.  This program by far is unique and creative with the use of Stick Figures drawn by your Kiddos to teach them about the Bible.  Like I've said before Kaden has read through the whole Bible twice at least and can have total conversations regarding Biblical events.  He's just turned 9 years
old and loves reading scripture just as much as playing with his Legos. You will see that the main concept Grapevine Studies offers you is the ability to teach Biblical Studies with the simple activity of drawing that Kiddos of all ages and artistic ability can appreciate and enjoy.  

Their Early method is to use the "Hear-Draw-Review" approach.  This method is used in ages from as young as pre-school.  Once your Kiddo gets a little older, they will begin with the Read-Draw-Review which progresses further with age.  Here your Kiddos will be introduced to more Scripture, Bible Geography and learn how to use Bible Study skills.  This is great for Kaden, because he likes to look further into the Bible whereabouts of the stories he is learning about.  We have several Bibles and different translations in our home.  He likes to get a few different ones out at the same time to compare notes and maps from each of them....I told you, this Kid loves the Lord's Word! :)   You will also find that Grapevine Studies offer all of their products in a Printed Version or as Digital Books.  This time, we did a Digital Download.  I'll be honest....I like getting it already printed and in the future that is what I will get.  To me it's easier and the quality of the paper they use is top notch crisp and my ink is always running low.  For the Digital Download I printed, hole punched and placed in a Binder.  I didn't print the Teacher's Guide at first, but later I did and put it in a folder attached to Kaden's Binder.  You can go and find out more about each of the Levels offered and make sure you try out a Sample of one of their Studies
Notice how Kaden drew Jesus in Purple....

Doing his Best....

Kaden was able to finish 5 of the 13 Lessons, we worked 2-3 times a week.  Like I said in the beginning of this Review Kaden was frustrated when we used this program the first time.  It wasn't till after the Review and the "pressure" to use the product enough to write the Review that he started enjoying it and actually doing the lessons on his own.  The problem was because of his motor skills his stick people didn't look like the stick people in the book.  He does strive for perfection and shuts down easily when he feels like he failed.  Once we talked and prayed about it he was able to accept that everyone's stick people look different and that what he draws is perfect in the eyes of God.  It really was a Beautiful Moment and this is why I was so excited to try another Grapevine Studies with him.  With this New Study every day we would go back over the Timeline that he made in the beginning of this study and with each lesson we would just add on to it.  Next we would go over our Bible verses that we were working on to memorize.  This was another stresser before, but I just modified my expectations....this program allows you to do this.  While we started each lesson we would take turns reading the selected scriptures and stories.  I would then have Kaden go through the pages and fill in each "stick figure" drawings that went with the lesson.  After all the Sections are completed your Kiddo has the opportunity to draw their Favorite part in the Lesson they have just studied.  Kaden enjoyed this the most.  He likes to talk about the Bible.  So, this was his chance to break loose and I would prompt him to fill in with pictures what his words were saying.  He liked that!

He Reads his Bible daily with his trusty pup by his side!
Last time I Reviewed a study I thought that Grapevine Studies was a secret gold mine.  Well, it is a gold mine in my eyes and now Kaden's too.  But, I needed to encourage him to embrace the program at his level instead of trying to meet unrealistic expectations.  Such a different experience we had this time...thank You Lord! :)

This Program is wonderful and offers a Brilliant non-threatening approach to someone who may be new to God's word or if Studying the Bible is new for them.  I would most definitely use this program again!  I LOVE this Program and think that it's an amazing Method to get your Kiddos in God's Word.  Especially if you have a creative Kiddo or one that needs help staying focused on a lesson.  The lessons are short enough to keep their attention, yet long enough to get the message across. :)  Preparing the lessons are simple and involves minimum preparation making less stress for Mom! :)
Take a look into it, it's definitely worth the time to check Grapevine Studies out.  You can stay in touch with them to with Social Media!

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Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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