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I was given the opportunity to watch and review this great documentary I have seen and heard about for some time now.  The film is called, IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films.  I will admit I procrastinated in watching it because that's what I do sometimes.  But, I was so impressed with it I not only watched it twice in one day, but I've already shared it with 2 other families that I know will benefit from watching.

Basically in this documentary Homeschooling Dad of 7, Colin Gunn decides to take a field trip with his Family across America in a big yellow school bus to seek out some answers regarding our public school system.  He wonders can the school system be fixed or should we abandon it altogether?  He shows us with the help of some pretty influential people just how the public school system is influencing their vulnerable students.  These Students are our Kids!!!  We should want to know what they are doing with our kids 5 days a week for 12 years.  I was surprised about a lot of things in the film, but there was a lot of things I was like yep I know, been there, seen it, heard it and that's why my Kids are homeschooled.  I promise.... you will be Completely SHOCKED at most of what you will Learn from this Film.  Just wait until you see what kind of lollipops they are handing out to Elementary aged children.  Even though this film is heavy and shows the ugly in the public school system right from the start you don't feel judgement from Colin if your kids are in the school system.  You get the feeling straight away that there is no finger pointing only showing you what's behind the curtain.

Let me just say now that I was in Several public schools growing up.  Moving all over because my Dad was in the Military until my parents died and then I went to several different schools because I was in the Foster care system.  I know what goes on, I have seen things and have been apart of things that were easy to get into because even 20 years ago Teachers were spread so thin. 
We decided to bring the kids home when Mahala was in the 2nd grade.  She was so board with even gifted curriculum and the Teachers honestly had nothing else she could do.  She was basically reading and helping out the Teacher.  She hated it and I was shocked when she brought it up to me about educating herself at home.  Ok..... Now let's hop over to the other side of town and my then 6th grader with dyslexia and an auditory processing disorder is at his desk grading papers and writing out flashcards for the other students in his Special Ed class.  Are you kidding me?  When I found out that basically the Teachers felt he was doing all he could do, that we shouldn't press the issue because he would be fine under the no child left behind act.  I was furious!!!  I told them I was pulling him out.  And in 1 year he went from a 4th grade math level to Algebra 1.  Now he's in college, works full time as a Behavioral therapist with kids on the Spectrum and to think that they said he had already reached his learning capacity.  I'm thankful I didn't listened to them.  Homeschooling means more to me then just keeping my Kids safe from outside influences.  It's about giving them the opportunity to soar as far as they possibly can, not be confined to the standards the Government thinks is age appropriate for them.

I watched this first with Mahala who is 15.  She is heavily involved in the church youth group and with missions.  She comes to me often to talk about things her peers are doing, saying and even questions that they ask her.  A lot of her friends are struggling even in the church.  Just because they are in the church doesn't mean they are fine and safe.  There is no one band-aid when it comes to our Kids.  I wanted Mahala to see first hand the challenges that Christian students face every day as they struggle to maintain their own beliefs and values in such an anti-Christian school system.  Did it help her to watch it?  She cried, we prayed and she felt passion to do something more, to make a difference in her Friend's lives. 

Some of the things I loved about the film is the candid shots of Colin's Family as they journeyed across the country.  The sprinkles of interviews, facts and quotes don't get lost as he dives into the History of the school system.  I learned so much about how the brick and mortar school house came into existence.

IndoctriNation is 102 minute long DVD that is intended for adults.  It does talk about highly sensitive issues like abortion, homosexual relationships, violence, drugs and alcohol.  I think any Parent would walk away well informed about what goes on in America's public schools after watching this documentary.  

We all Love our Kids and want only what's best for them.  We want them to be safe and happy no matter where they are or who they are with.  If you have Kids..... watching this is a good step in making your decision about your their education.

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IndoctriNation DVD Review

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