Go Science Series 2 Review!!!

The past few weeks we were able to add some Science Pizzazz to our days.  We were given the opportunity to Review two New Go Science DVDs (Series 2), provided by Library and Education Services.  This Series is Recommended for Kiddos 4-12 yrs old and cost $8.97 each.

Library and Educational Services is a Michigan based Family owned business that has been providing CDs, DVDs and carefully selected books to ensure that they provide Christian values and evolution-free science resources for all ages.  They have been working with schools (including homeschools), churches, libraries, daycare centers, missionaries and resellers for over 35 years. 
Our Family has always loved Science, honestly I think who wouldn't love it.  :)  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I bet you would change your mind after whatching this New Series.  Ben Roy is the host and is a Science Educator at the University of Tennessee.  He is so enthusiastic and makes learning fun.  I enjoyed watching with Kaden and we had fun trying to recreate some of the demonstrations.
Something Kaden picked up was...Every episode you hear Ben's Famous words, "every time we learn more about science, we learn more about our Creator, God!".  

Kaden went to Social Skills last week telling all the other Kiddos about the New Series and he had the Teacher write Ben's Famous words up on the board.  He is always shining his light for God where he can.  


In the 2nd series of Go Science DVD's there are 7 different DVD's.  Each one focuses on different science topics.

Each show contains a different Experiment that demonstrates a topic.  Then Ben Roy explains each step of the experiment as well as the concept behind the demonstration.
  • Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space
  • Volume 2: Life Science, Weather
  • Volume 3: Air
  • Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, Light
  • Volume 5: States of Matter, Water
  • Volume 6: Chemistry
  • Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight

Kaden and I were Given Volume 6 Chemistry and Volume 7 Engineering, Design, Flight.  We watched each DVD in about 2-3 days.  We looked at the topics of the demonstrations first and then made a few guesses at what the experiments would be.  Then we hunted around the house for materials for us to use.  After the demonstrations Kaden would have a ton of questions.  Sometimes Ben provided enough information, but most of the time we needed to do further research regarding the topic at hand. 

For example the Leaning Tower of Lyra – Demonstrates center of gravity.  Kaden researched different items and their center of gravity.  He watched an hour long lecture about how to mathematically figure out an object's center of gravity.  Ok, sounds like fun Buddy....I was pleased to see his excitement though.  He also experimented with walking on eggs, I have one word to say about that......MESSY! :)  I think learning how to make a Centrifuge was another of his Favorites.  That also brought on a ton of research.  He learned about blood, motor oil and all things that a Centrifuge is used. :)

I feel like these DVDs are great as a Supplement to what you are already doing.  It is definitely not a stand alone product.  Kaden was constantly asking for more in depth explanation.  Which was fine, because we could do more research together and it prompted further investigation.  But, if you are looking for something all inclusive, this may not work for you.  
Would I purchase this in the future?  Probably not, only because Kaden is highly Science and Math driven.  So there is not a real challenge for him.  But, with that said overall we enjoyed the DVDs and there is definitely good supplemental science information provided in them. The price is extremely reasonable especially for the amount of Demonstrations that each DVD has.  You really cannot go wrong if you are looking for a way to enhance your current Science curriculum with some hands on learning fun.

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