The Master and His Apprentices ~ REVIEW

This was one of those Reviews that I signed up for and then held my breath until I found out I was assigned it.  The reason is, well Art and History are kind of my jam right now.  Therefor it is also my kid's jam at the moment too.  Mahala has officially graduated high school as of 2 weeks ago, but I really wanted her to experience History through Art and I felt this curriculum could help her achieve that along with an extra credit for her transcripts.  The product I'm talking about is the Digital Edition of the Textbook and Teacher Guide of The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective from The Master and His Apprentices. Let me tell you a little about it and why Mahala ans I are looking forward to the next few months.


Huge Autism Meltdown

A huge Autism meltdown around here makes us all react....even the paint on the walls look a little more haggard after an explosion.  When it's just the kids and I we can coast through it and come out only slightly battered.  But, when Dad is home he reacts like a moth to a flame.  It's not really his fault, I think it's DNA or at least that is what I tell myself.  Let me just say there is a reason why 80- 90% for special needs parents seek out a divorce attorney.  It sucks to even think about, but honestly it has crossed my mind more then I would like to sit here and count up....it would be impossible to count them all.  

So, why and how am I still here with a wedding ring?  God, my healthy outlet of painting and getting out my feelings with writing, journaling and talking to a few chosen people I can trust.  I realize life isn't easy, for me it never has been and that's ok, I have accepted it.  For now in my life I can either exist and run away or I can look toward the lights in my life and thrive along with all the baggage I'm toting around.

Can you guess why I'm writing this?  If you guessed a huge Autism meltdown.... you would be Correct!!!  Kaden is safe, settling down with Dad and I'm in the front room with a sparkling water with sliced grapefruit and writing this.  Did I think about walking out?  I thought about running out screaming, especially when Hubby and I started to throw words at each other about who could have done this or that to prevent this whole meltdown.  But, if you know someone with Autism...you know there really isn't much if anything you can do to prevent a meltdown most of the time.  

And you know what?  My heartbeat isn't pumping in my ears anymore, I have stopped crying and sweating and I actually feel like I can head back out and finish the dishes.  But, you know what?  I'm going to take a few extra minutes to sit here, take some more deep breaths, read a few verses and be thankful for all the other moments I have had with Kaden without a meltdown.  And when I do leave this room I'll go up to my Husband, hug him and we will talk about what happened and how we can handle things differently.  Communication is so important in a marriage, in any healthy relationship.  That, the Lord and a strong coffee!


MaxScholar~ REVIEW

We are not really doing a full work load at all this summer.  But, I do want Kaden to read and work on a few things each day to keep his skills up.  We decided to try the Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar again.  This online program is very engaging and highly interactive.  And you can use it on your computer or download the app for your mobile device.  A few years ago we had tried it and have since then heard of some changes.  I know Reading Intervention Programs are usually for those that are struggling to read or have a known learning disability and Kaden reads very well with no problems.  But, I also know he struggles with the grammar and technical side of comprehension.  Like before this program is recommended for grades K through 12th grade.  Let's check this out....


The Legend of Greg ~ REVIEW

You know when you see a book cover from across the room and it catches your eye.  You run to grab it and then 9 hours later you look up to realize everyone has gone to sleep and you just finished the 330+ page book.  That was Kaden as soon as I received Chris Rylander's first book in his new series, The Legend of Greg.  Honestly I hadn't anticipated it would capture him as fast as it did, but from the way he describes it I imagine this is going to be one of our favorite book series.  Kaden likes to find activities and crafts on Pinterest that kind of go along with the theme of the books he reads.  So, I let him make a special board for this book so he can add to it.  Check it out!


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. ~ REVIEW

Awhile back I was introduced to ARTistic Pursuits Inc.  And have used a few of their courses and have enjoyed them all.  Recently, I was able to get my crafty hands on Art of the Middle Ages, which is Volume 3 of their New ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series.


Classical Composition with Memoria Press~ REVIEW

http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/wp-content/uploads/Classical-Composition-I-Fable-Set.jpgI'm excited to share another homeschool gem from Memoria Press.  We have been using their Classical Composition I: Fable Set for a month or so.  This set is intended for grades 4-12 and came with a Student Book, Teacher Guide and the ever so helpful Instructional DVD set.   I knew it would be a stretch for Kaden to work through this program, but I really wanted to work on his writing skills and imagination.  And he has never used a course from Memoria Press that he didn't absolutely love.