Painting for Days.....

I have been painting up a storm lately...Nothing better then a paintbrush in your hand with a stack of watercolor paper down in front of you.  Funny thing is I never painted a single thing until this time last year besides craft time with the kids.  Now I can hardly go 2 days without painting...it has become my Love Language to myself.  And I Love myself so well!  :)

My favorite things to paint are cards with affirmations and verses on them.  I love using them in my planner, Bible and even as book marks.  I think it's safe to say if your on my Christmas list this year you have a handful of these coming your way! :)



Sex by Design ~ Review

I have always been up front and honest with my kids when it comes to my mistakes in life.  Hubby and I did things really backwards and I truly regret that we did not save ourselves for marriage.  Which is why purity has been something we have encouraged all of our kids from tween age and on.  Even though we are open and have talked extensively about this matter I was still interested in the Sex by Design from Abby Ludvigson.

Kid Niche Christian Books ~ REVIEW

I usually don't like to say that a certain Review is my favorite, but this next one I just can't help myself.  We have been using the Weave Your Word in Me --Part 1 from Kid Niche Christian Books during Bible time.  This is the first part of a 2 part study for Tweens based off the Lord's Prayer that was written by Susan Case Bonner.  Kaden reads his Bible often and enjoys reading it on his own during quiet time.  We have done devotions and themed studies on and off for years.  I like to try out different things to keep it fresh, but I also like to save time and not have to try and pull together big studies to emphasize what he already reads on his own without being asked. 


Rise and Shine....Sunshine

What could be better then Breakfast?  Nothing, nothing at all....I love Breakfast.  There is not a Breakfast food out there that I don't enjoy!
Around here we wake up slow in the mornings, especially the weekends.  It starts with a cup of coffee, time with God, self reflection and a good healthy dose of Bacon. :)
Now that the mornings are cooler I even enjoy sipping my coffee outside, preferably alone before the kids wake up and the I wants begin.....how do you begin your mornings?


The Pencil Grip, Inc. ~ REVIEW

A few weeks back we got a package from The Pencil Grip, Inc. filled with The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit.  We have enjoyed receiving products from them many times.  This time I was most excited to try out their safety scissors.


Blessing Roll Call

We have had to do a lot of praying and research these last few weeks.  And honestly I am worn down....worn down to the point where my days are just what ever they become.  My expectations are low and my heart is opened wide to receive whatever it is that the Lord has planned for me.  Blessing Roll Call.....This month the Lord has saved my family from contracting something horrid from our filthy bathrooms that haven't been touched with so much as a Clorox wipe in like forever.  He's given me cooler weather and has kept the smoke from local fires to a minimum so I can still go outside and take a few minutes to myself while stuffing my mouth with a GF, vegan muffin.  The sweet Lord has opened my world up a little more and given me some new Friends and support through social media that I wouldn't have had if I waited till Kaden decided that going out of the home was safe and acceptable.  Literally as I lay awake in bed and my Hubby saws logs like a lumberjack I can feel Jesus beside me lulling me to sleep while magically erasing all of my mind clutter.  Thank You Lord....for giving me peace, hope and love.  
Another Day... Another Challenge... Another Prayer... Another Answer... Another Blessing


Another Brinkman Adventure ~ Review

I've always enjoyed the Brinkman Adventures with the kids.  This next Review has us listening to their newest release, the Brinkman Adventures Season 4.  We have listened to all of their other seasons, so Kaden was on me quick as soon as it arrived in the mail.  The Series is a Christian Audio Drama/Entertainment Adventure suitable for the whole Family to listen to and enjoy.  So, who are the Brinkmans?  They are a large Homeschooling Family that are what I would call Real Modern Day Missionaries.  The stories told are based on real life situations and will keep you on the edge of your seat almost the whole time.  We received a set of 4 CD’s that came in a durable plastic case, great for safe keeping, car and RV trips.  There are over 5 hours of adventure in Season 4 with 12 suspenseful episodes and each of the stories are roughly 30 minutes long. (just enough to make you crave for more) You can also get the season as a downloadable MP3 which we have had in the past.


People Under the Bridge

The following post is from 10 years ago....wow has time passed so quickly.  Life recently has been hard to swallow, hard to accept and just plain difficult.  sifting through old posts is something I do on occasion....and wow did I need to reread this one.  Just for a little reminder that where I'm going is no more difficult then where I've been.....

Today was a day that nothing went right.
It started out with a headache that I went to bed with. We had a birthday party to get to by 11am. HA! Then another party to get to at 2pm. I ended up missing both. Had to go to the shop to cover a shift in the middle of it all. Our aupair, Anna lost her ride so we had to get her to the city by 3pm. All this and none of us had ate a thing all day. The baby was the happiest, go figure. While we were dropping Anna off in the city we got lost of course. But, we saw something that changed my thoughts for the day. We saw this under pass with probably 50 homeless people all huddled together. Some had tents others stood by fires trying to deal with the rain and cold. I looked into some of their eyes. I had those eyes. I remember looking into the cars that passed me searching for that "click" look of let me help you. I would think where are they going, where have they been. Who are they? I wanted to be them, anyone.... just not me. Not here, not right now with no place to go. The kids know that there was a time I too had no home, no place to escape the world. Skylar was with me, just the two of us. We talked today briefly about the people under the bridge. Mahala is amazed to hear about the life those people have. Skylar knows, he has been there too.
I sat back in my seat and closed my eyes thanking God that I am not looking into this car wondering where it's going. I know where it's going, it's going Home. Nothing can happen to me now that can compare to where I've been. So automatically my day looked brighter and it didn't seem so bad after all.



Recently we were able to use the Family Membership from CTCMath with both Mahala and Kaden.  I had high hopes for this program, because we had tried it once before and loved it.  But, we have been struggling over here with Kaden as we try to deal with his Autism.  That being said, I hope to continue using CTCMath for the rest of the year for both kids.  But, hey you don't have to just take my word for it.... I'm excited to be able to offer you a FREE Trial so you can try CTCMath out for yourself.  And right now until November 15, 2017 you can take advantage of a great offer for Homeschool Families!!!   60% off + 6 bonus months

CTCMath is a Comprehensive Online Math Tutorial Program for grades K through 12.  
There are over 1,400 Animated and Narrated math lessons, Interactive Exercises, Diagnostic Tests, Feedback to each Student, Detailed Reporting to the Parents, and Much more.


The Answer from Jeremy Camp ~ REVIEW

This must have just been my lucky week....music everywhere I turn.  I have a new CD to share with you today, Jeremy Camp's The Answer.  It just came out today and I am blown away.....the same strong voice that will just blow you over with God's message.
This Album is so fitting right now with the way the world is drowning in Sin, Devastation, Confusion and Pain.  There is Only ONE Answer....Jesus, he is the Answer.  


Super Teacher Worksheets ~ REVIEW

I've Reviewed for this next company before and I love them now more than I did before.  Several weeks ago I was asked to give another Review about Super Teacher Worksheets and their Individual Membership.  Since our school is really evolving I need all the help I can get.  Our style of schooling has always been eclectic, but here lately as I try to make school time enjoyable and achievable for Kaden I have been veering further and further away from workbooks, complete curriculum sets and textbooks.  We have been doing mainly unit studies, reading living books and devoting hours to our garden and nature studies.  With the Individual Membership this is totally possible even with no preparation on your part.  And trust me I have had many days where our plans change and I need to come up with something interesting for Kaden to do...... and fast.


Glory Song ~ Matt Redman ~ REVIEW

For the past 5 years or so I have listened only to Christian music.  I love the encouraging words, upbeat music and peace that fills my heart and soul.  When I had the opportunity from FlyBy Promotions to Review Matt Redman's new CD I was excited.  I'm thinking if you are at all like me then your always on the look out for little thank you gifts or ways to give encouragement besides the normal bouquet of flowers or plate of cookies.  Even though...those are pretty awesome to get, but I think after hearing this CD, we may both have another option in our gift giving arsenal. :)

The Proving ~ Book Review

The Proving by Beverly Lewis

About the Book..... Amanda Dienner hasn't seen her Old Order family in five years when she receives word that her mother has passed away and left her Lancaster County's most popular Amish bed-and-breakfast. Now an Englisher, Mandy is shocked: Her twin sister should have been the obvious choice! What's more, the inheritance comes with a catch: The farmhouse inn will only truly be hers if she is able to successfully run it for twelve consecutive months.

Mandy accepts the challenge even though it means returning to Gordonville and the painful memories she left behind at eighteen. Still, she's determined to prove she is more than capable of running the bed-and-breakfast, no matter that its loyal clientele are expecting an Amish hostess!  The inn isn't Mandy's sole test, however. Rubbing shoulders with her married twin sister reopens wounds that Mandy isn't ready to forgive. And an Englisher guest with a difficult past of her own just complicates matters.

Can Mandy fulfill the terms of her inheritance? Or will this year in Amish country prove a dreadful mistake?

So, what did I think.....  Can I just say wow!  This book was just what I needed to read the past few weeks.  I have needed a little Hallmark movie moment that lasted more then a 2 hour program and this book delivered.  I was able to put myself into Mandy's shoes and pretend a little.  What if I was given an Amish B & B?  And the daydreaming of course continues on while reading through gritted teeth as she stumbles along on this new journey.  Struggles cooking, not meeting people's expectations when they show up at an Amish B & B and your not Amish.  Talk about the Power of Prayer and handing it all over to Lord.....Jesus Take the Wheel comes to mind! :)  I've never read a Beverly Lewis book, but I can tell you I will be starting a collection now, I look forward to many more Amish reads.

Beverly Lewis was born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in twelve languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, making music, and spending time with their family. 
I was given a copy of this Book for Free from Bethany House in exchange for my Honest Review.