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 Reading good books is very important in our Homeschool.  We enjoy everything from the Classics, Biographies, History, British Lit and of course the more recent Fiction as well.  We have books that all 3 of the Kiddos have read from independently.  We also have several special books that we've gathered together and read around campfires, living room floors and tucked snug in bed.  Memoria Press gave our Family the entire 5th grade Literature Guide set.  The three titles were for the books The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Lassie Come-Home and Heidi.  It was like Christmas all over again when we got our box of goodies in the mail.

All of Memoria Press Literature Studies come with a Student Study Guide and a Teacher Guide.  You could purchase them together or individually.  The actual Book that you need to read and complete each study with is also available directly from Memoria Press, unless you already own it or can get it from the library.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the high quality of each of the Guides.  Each came with a glossy softcover, with easy to read and plain black and white pages.  That's a huge plus for anyone using this program with a Kiddo with Sensory Issues.  Also, it's nice to let the Focus be on the actual Book your reading and not the "fancy" workbook pages.  It's a distraction from the real purpose at hand.... Comprehending the Literature! :)  I also loved that both Guides had the same exact page numbers.  I know it's a little thing, but so nice to be able to go right to the same page your Kiddo is on in a flash instead of being in separate places.


 Kaden is in the 3rd grade, but is advanced in his reading.  We chose the 5th grade Literature Guide Set because he just finished The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis and was about to start The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  So, this bundle worked out perfectly....we already had all 3 books need, so no extra purchases were needed.  We started immediately and since he's a reader he ended up finishing the whole book during the review period.  And has since started on the Lassie Come-Home Study Guide.

My Review will be on the guides that go along with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  But, I will also share some info on the other 2 in the Set.  When he started reading the book I had forgotten to check on any activities we should do in the beginning.  Kaden is quick to start a new book. :)  I did find that there is a flow to doing the guides, not just start and plow through....I could see us doing that.  But, we wanted to go through as many of the recommended steps as possible. 

Here is a short description...before you read, review any Vocabulary Words.  Review the Plot, Characters, Settings and so forth.  You should go over the Reading Notes and read over the upcoming questions.  I LOVE that, we do that anyway when we can.  When we read we even predict what may happen and then afterwards compare how close we were to what really happened.  By going over the questions ahead of time, your Kiddos can read purposefully and answering the questions will be a breeze. Kaden and I 100% did all the pre-reading work and I saw 100% increase in his confidence in completing the work.  Having a child on the Autism Spectrum comes with many challenges.  Having a plan built into the guides like this pre-reading activities minimizes "test" anxiety.  Because they know what questions are coming.  Kaden would even keep out his Student Guide while he was reading most days and fill in as he went along.  I know he will not get distracted, but if your Kiddo gets easily distracted keeping their Guide open may not be the best thing to do. 

Ok, So after reading you are instructed to go back through the vocabulary, answer the comprehension and discussion questions and then the fun Enrichment portion.  It's fun because it's filled with out of the box activities like...Labeling the map of Narnia, lot's of drawing and crafting opportunities.  There are games and challenges, like who can stay "still" the longest with your friends.  There are lot's of additional research opportunities, like stone structures in England, Father Christmas comparisons, memorization, dictation and paragraph writing.  Trust me....your Kiddos are getting the full deal here, plenty for them to do while enjoying the classics!! :)  Oh, I almost forgot about the additional unit review with quizzes and a Final Test.

Quickly I will tell you a little about Lassie Come-Home and Heidi.  They are all set up the same way.  One of the differences with the Lassie Guide there are a ton of maps and resources.  Info about the Author, Lassie's journey, Th e Industrial Revolution and Literary Tools galore.  Your Kiddo will get to plot out Lassie's journey on a map, compare dog breeds, brew some hot tea and make some Yorkshire Pudding. Oh boy...YUM!  In the Guide for Heidi it has you locate towns on a real map, draw Heidi's Family tree, copy work, poetry, learn about the British U added to some words(color-colour).  Your Kiddos will write letters and sew a little outfit.


I had the best time going through these Guides with Kaden.....one of my Favorite Reviews.  Because it was so hands on and each day there was something new to discover he was NEVER bored or over it.  I will be getting a few of the other guides even if he has read the book....because the guides have so much to add to the reading experience.  I hope you will click on over to Memoria Press right now and take a look at all the different Guides.  You can always connect with them online through Social Media too!!!

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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