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Mahala is 18 years old already and starting college next year.  Life is zooming by and our little girl isn't so little anymore.  Someday in the future some guy is going to come and sweep her off her feet and Mom and Dad may not be able to influence her the way we can now  Which is why we take every advantage to pass on our beliefs and values to our kiddos.  Weather it's dating, money matters or even stressful life situations.  It's always wonderful when we can do this while having fun, playing games or watching a movie.  So, we were happy to be able to Review Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.

Basically the main character is Grace Anderson and is the daughter of a small time farmer in the Carolinas.  Like a lot of young ladies in their early 20's she is longing for love and that beautifully shaped princess cut diamond ring.  We watched this together as a family and I was hoping it wasn't too predictable.  I want to go on record right now in saying that it's not the same old love story.  This movie is packed with real life feelings, situations and characters.  I don't want to give away the whole movie, but let me just say that more then once I could 100% relate to Grace, her parents and her friend at some point in my life.  Also, I would say that the movie is not the typical girl meets boy, there's a complication and then she falls in love with her hero and lives happily ever after.

It's different because Grace has this idea of how she will fall in love, what it should look like and with who.  But, clearly God had other plans.  And with the guidance from her parents she is able to turn that focus on the Lord and getting herself right as she waits for the Lord to bring her Mr.Right.  We totally related to this practice, because that is our own personal belief.  We don't believe in casual dating and until God brings the right person to you it's a time to grow personally, serve and educate yourself.  I thought the Dad's relationship with Grace was beautiful, there was such a sweet moment when Grace went to him with her Mom and talked I was in tears. 

The movie wasn't all about love, there was some family struggles and hardship that we got to see the family pull together.  There was the not so great friendship that we were able to see unfold.  I haven't mentioned her brothers yet.  There is a certain situation that happens that had us laughing even hours after we watched. :)  And I will mention that there is an out of town guest that caught me by surprise, but makes the story even more interesting. 

So, what did I think?  Well I liked it along with my family.  We all agreed that there were parts that seemed like the acting was a little wonky.  Would I watch it again though?  Yes I would, but it's not a light hearted family movie night kind of a movie.  It is a movie with purpose, a movie you share with others to show the reality of what marriage really is.  To see the dangers to the heart from casual dating, looking for love for the wrong reasons.  We take this very seriously in our home and it's a topic we speak frequently about.  I would also say it's a movie that shows God's faithfulness and the strength behind a family bond.  Mahala said she wished it was a book, she loved the concept of the movie very much, but also thought the acting might have not been the best. 

If you have kids that are nearing the teen years or in the teen years this movie would be a great way to start the conversation about dating if you haven't already.  Or use it as a visual to see how dating with a purpose and waiting for the Lord looks like.  It paints a realistic picture of both paths and I can vouch that both paths are pretty darn accurate.  This would be awesome for both boys and girls to watch.  This would be perfect for a Highschool youth group night at church for sure.  I will be passing this movie on to my oldest Son who is actually a young married guy, but I still think both he and his Wife can still benefit from the lessons shared for their own hearts and in preparation for their own family.

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