First RV Trip of the Year

 Once again Camp Season is upon us and this year we are traveling in Style and Comfort.  Don't get me wrong.....for 17 years we tent camped and LOVED it, but my Lupus and Kaden's Autism works a lot better when we can have a little more consistency in atmosphere and temperature. :)  

We headed to Yosemite for our first official trip in 2017, but didn't make it to the National Park....but we did make it to the sign, but it just didn't happen.  We have learned to go with the flow and accept that plans change when you have kiddos, especially ones with Special Needs.  It's more important for us to have a positive experience then to tick off every thing on a to do list.
So, what did we do?  Well, we played games, played in the river, went on multiple walks, discovered hundreds of butterflies, ate more smores then I feel comfortable revealing, played basketball, putt-putt, explored, collected and laughed more then we have in a long long time!  

Our 1st night we had to set up quickly and decided we wanted to move closer to the lodge the next day.  Last year we didn't get but a few campfires due to all the fires, so we were excited to build a fire and enjoy the warmth and beautiful glow.  Kaden is 10 now and has been learning about fire safety and how to build and tend to a fire.  

It was funny, because we had the air-conditioner on because the sun was on us as we were setting up camp and putting things in the cabinets and pantry.  Our house is on a little slop so we can't open the slide to fill and organize it.  We have everything in bags and stored in the bunks and when we arrive we put everything in it's place.  We learned the hard way and opened the full wall slide last year at our house and then it wouldn't come back in.  :O  Anyway that first night we FROZE to death because we only brought sheets.  First camp trip of the year problems!!!! :)  We already stocked the RV with blankets for next time!!!!  

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