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The Typing Coach

I remember my typing class back in high school.  I sat behind an old office electric Brothers typewriter.  Yes, friends back in the early 1990's we still used those contraptions. :)  Needless to say I was a two finger kind of typist.  But, I didn't care....I was young and I knew things.  Who needs to be able to type I have a thing called an ink pen, Hello! :)  Yes, even back then kids thought they new everything and I was one of them.  So, fast forward back to today and you obviously know that we are behind a keyboard a lot, like more than a lot.  I use it to write, work, teach my kids...you get the picture.  I never thought to teach my kids how to type the correct way, they just learned on their own.  I was very interested to see what The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach would be like.  I was surprised to see most things haven't changed from high school.

What exactly is The Typing Coach Online Typing Course all about?  It's a Self-paced online typing program designed to complete one lesson a week for 10 weeks.  It incorporates audio, visual and written instruction to teach you the basics and beyond.  Basics meaning clear your space, having correct posture and finger placement.  You then move on to Home Row, Top Row, Bottom Row, Shift keys and then the Number keys all the while practicing, testing and then final assessment.  We customized this for our use, I planned to use this with Kaden.  He is always typing, writing code, playing Minecraft so I was interested to tap into his world.  Since he does have Autism and Sensory issues, I knew this would be interesting.

One thing I found out is that Kaden types amazingly fast and accurate when it is coming out of his mind.  I was mesmerized at how fast he types.  When he is copying something that is written out it's a train wreck.  Something blocks him and he became to frustrated to even go further.  So after a few days I tried again....but this time read it to him and he typed almost as fast as I read the words to him.  

For us it worked best for us to go through the Student's manual along with the Teacher resources and do it together orally.  I did really like that there is a slower pace instructional level, but for Kaden it wasn't the material or pace it was the process that needed to be different for him.

The Typing Coach
Overall, I think this would be a great program to teach brand new to the keyboard students.  If you want to learn more I would Connect with The Typing Coach with Social Media today.

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