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I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mahala will graduate next year.  So, what does that mean?  One more kiddo goes to college..... sounds like crazy talk, but it's not.  And we need to get prepared as soon as possible.  Part of that prep is racking up as many college credits as she can.  And thankfully my next Review from SpeedyPrep has given Mahala 6 months access to earn College credit from home. Have you ever heard of taking CLEP testing before?  I had in the past, but I didn't realize how obtainable it was from home to be able to offer it as an option to my kiddos.  I would have loved to use this option for Skylar, it would have saved a few bucks! :)  When you pass the CLEP test on whatever subject you decide you then can earn college credit for it.  There are many subjects to chose from and that means more money in your pocket in the end.  The CLEP test is under $100 and most college courses will cost anywhere from $150+ per credit and most classes are 2-3 credits.


So, what is this magical SpeedyPrep I talk of?  Well, it's basically an online Mecca of College Level study materials to better prepare you for taking the CLEP Test.  They even offer a whopping 100% guarantee of passing it if you successfully finish at least 90% of the program.  That's pretty amazing, who wouldn't try it with that kind of assurance?  Once you sign up for the program you have access to 24 courses.  You just pick one and start, it's very simple and easy to navigate.  Honestly, my very first thought was....how could it be this easy????  I thought I was missing something, but, it's just easy to navigate.  The layout for the materials is a basic fill in the blank format, like a flashcard.  You can watch a short overall video of whatever section you are currently in and then start answering the questions.  You do not have to know the answers from the start...that is why you are taking this course....to learn.  You will be surprised at first you may know a few of the answers.  But, the ones you don't know after submitting your guess you will not only receive the correct answer, but an explanation for why.  This was my Favorite part of the program.  It was like having a thorough conversation with a well educated tutor.

The approach to learning is Mastery based, so you will see the same question multiple times.  The more you see that right answer the more concrete it will become in your mind.  This is so right up my youngest kiddos alley, but Mahala struggled with it.  I think the review period time frame stressed her out a little.  But, I have assured her that we have 6 glorious months to do this and she is excited to be able to take her time and learn as much as she can from SpeedyPrep.  Another gold nugget with this program is the tracking.    The convenient progress screen keeps track of your mastery of your Mastery in your subject choice.  Once you hit 90% mastery it's CLEP taking time!  If you have any questions you can head to their FAQ page and I'm sure you will find it there, but if not they offer very friendly Customer Service.

So, what did we think?  Well, I think it's an asset to anyone who plans to go to college.  Even if you want to learn a particular subject without taking the CLEP, that's fine too.  Honestly, I'm thinking of doing a little learning myself, because you get access to all of the courses.  And I'm interested in some of the courses that Mahala isn't doing.  I highly recommend SpeedyPrep and I look forward to seeing the results of Mahala's CLEP tests this Summer.  Be sure to Connect with them this week through Social Media!
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