My Girl and I

I remember when I had her she literally collapsed my pelvis birthing her.  Eight months of physical therapy and traction and the only thing I have to remind me of that joyful experience besides my beautiful daughter is a clicking on my right side when the weather gets cold.  Would I do it all again?  Of course....she means the world to me.  When I was pregnant with her I worried that I would have enough love to go around.  Skylar at the time was 5 and my whole life.  But, there she was a bundle of perfectness.  My heart melted and grew bigger all at the same time. 

Now, she is 17 and we are so much alike it's a bit scary.  We can finish each-other's sentences, look at each other and know when the other is stressed, sick or needs a bowl of ice cream.  She not only is my Daughter, but a Friend.  I look forward to all the future Mom and Daughter dates, life experiences both good and not so good and moments that God has for us.

Mahala makes every Target trip fun even if we walk out with nothing.  She makes life an adventure and her laugh is hysterical and contagious.  Only Mahala can make you laugh and you don't even know why your laughing.  Even though she's a bouquet of fun she can also be serious and tackle Any project...do it right, actually even better then I had planned and smile while she's doing it.  But, that's not all...the most Beautiful part of her is her Love for God.  She radiates His Love and she doesn't even realize it.  It's beautiful to see Him work in her and I can't wait to see His plans for her future.  Thank You Lord for this Blessing in My Life....My Mahala!

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