How Does Your Garden Grow?

I would never say I have a green thumb…not even a light green thumb.  But, my desire to have rows and rows of beautiful fruits, veggies and flowers is almost painful.  This past year was my best year yet.  We successfully grew strawberries, lettuces, onions, herbs and carrots.  We knew we were going on a long RV trip, so we didn’t want to commit to a huge garden that nobody would be around to tend to.
This year is going to be different…..I’m already drawing up plans for some new planters that my Daughter who is extremely handy with tools is going to build for me this Spring!  Oh Happy Day!!!  Now to look into seeds, churn my existing soil and line up some starter plants from my Local Nursery.  I usually get a few plants that are already thriving to add into my rows of seeds.  Unless I plant real early in the year.  How do you start planting and tending to your gardens?  Are you a lone-gardener or do you make it a Family affair?

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