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My next Review is a Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork.  Copywork is something not new to me, but new to my Kiddos.  I grew up with copywork being apart of my daily routine at school.  That's how I learned to write cursive.  My Kiddos though focused more on dictation and not necessarily copywork.  Well, that all changed a few years ago after Kaden's diagnosis on the Spectrum and while working with him and his handwriting.  He still struggles with his writing, but I find if we "practice" writing he get's frustrated, bored and the whole day can go from bad to worse quickly.  But, that scenario was about to change....it started to change with this Review several weeks ago.  

So, let me tell you how Homeschool Copywork changed the way Kaden looked at "handwriting".  First of all though I need to express that Copywork is so much more then just practicing your handwriting.  That just so happens to be a huge deficit for Kaden that we work on almost daily.  When I first showed Kaden this Review he did this weird choking sound and pretended to not hear me.  But, when I opened up the website and started going through all the different topics his tune quickly changed!  Through Copywork your Kiddos get to improves their writing skills, vocabulary, spelling and learn new information and quotes that will enhance their learning possibilities.  It's an open door for exploring new topics that may otherwise be shut off to your Kiddos. 

When you log on the home page brings you to several tabs to manage your profile, payments, Bonus Materials and then the three main tabs filled with your e-book projects.  The Three Main Tabs are Junior High-High School Copywork, Upper and Early Elementary Copywork.  The Junior High-High School level has longer passages and includes cursive lined paper to print out.  Upper Elementary is most suitable for Kiddos in grades 2-5 and includes both Print and Cursive lined paper.  And finally the Early Elementary level is filled with shorter sentences with easy to read large font and is perfect for Kiddos in Preschool-1st grade.  Once you click on your tab needed a list of goodies pop up for you to download and print out.  You have total control to print out all of the pages or just a few at a time.  
http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/04-12%20Homeschool%20Copywork/Homeschool%20Copywork%20Armor%20of%20God%20Copywork_zps63vfj3u2.jpgUnder each Title it gives a brief description and a page amount.  Some of the Titles have a lot of pages.  For example Kaden was working on the Mozart e-book that has 30 pages with 5 line styles filled with Quotes from Mozart himself.  Kaden also, finished the 57 pages of Armor of God e-book that is also in 5 different line styles.  The largest set of Copywork that Kaden is still currently working on is the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, that is 253 pages filled with beautiful illustrations and quotes that showcase the Value of Human Life.
For this Review, I did not use it with Mahala officially.  But, we have decided to use some of the e-books pertaining to Poems and the Human Body during the Summer.  I am looking forward to supplementing her weekly Summer assignments with this Homeschool Gem. 
So, what did we think?  I loved it because #1 Kaden smiled while doing the work.  And the main #2 reason besides the fact that it's so easy to navigate online, find what you need and print it all out, is the comfort and flexibility that I have while knowing no matter what kind of day I'm having, I'm a click or two away from having something productive and interesting for my Kiddos to do.  Don't forget to head on over and Connect through Social Media with Homeschool Copywork today!!!  You can go and try a few e-books for Free today.  A year long membership is $29-95 or you can get the Lifetime Membership for only $45.  With the Lifetime Membership you get all of the e-books available right now and all the ones that will be released in the future.

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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