Cleaning Up Our Act

Last night was Bath Night....for Kaden.  We have finally got it up to 2-3 nights a week if we dangle the right book in front of him.  Every since he was a tiny baby he hated baths.  I think it's mainly about the possibility of getting water in his face or head that freaks him out.  The crazy thing is.....he Loves playing in the rain or sprinklers....even in the pool he's fine as long as it doesn't touch his face.  But, the shower is %100 out of the question unless I put the mister on and that basically means I get a shower too.  So, we try to stick with a bath with no bubbles, Epson salt only mixed with whatever essential oil the night needs. 
We play soft music, read stories and try to get as much soap on his body as possible. :)  
I used to drag and force him in the bathroom week in and week out.  I finally just got over it and asked myself....is it better to put him through 15 years of fighting, screaming and crying just to get clean every other night or nightly?  Or to have a happy, calm semi clean boy 2-3 times a week for the next 15 years?  I choose the semi clean boy, because a happy calm Kiddo is more important to me then anything.  He has enough struggles and fears to deal with every day, I don't need to create another one.
Since the change in my expectations he now will follow me into the bathroom when it's bath time.  He gets to pick out his oils and books to read.  I let him make as many choices as I can...like brush teeth before or after his bath?  I still pick out his clothes and dress him for the most part, but we are working on that now.  One of my favorite things about bath time is I have his attention and he has mine.  I put away the phone and all other distractions.  This past year we have seen a lot of progress, just by changing our expectations a little and a whole lot of prayer! :)

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