Just Another Manic Monday......

Oh my goodness, today is another Monday....I love Mondays!  I know it sounds dreadfully crazy, but I look at it as a New start.  That this will be the week to get it all done.  This will be the week the house finally gets the stamp of approval for the most clean and organized.  This is definitely the week that all the kids lessons and school projects will be done, even the extra experiments for science we have been longing to actually do and not just read about.  Each Sunday night I scamper off to bed with a big hopeful grin, because I know when I wake up I'll be greeted with a fresh new week of possibilities.

Do I sound crazy to you?  I hear crazy spewing from my brain each and every day, trust me I know I'm kidding myself.  It's like the year you thought there wasn't a Santa Clause, but you wanted to hold onto the possibility and magic of it all for just one year longer.  That is the type of madness I have rolling around in my noggin all day every day. I used to ask myself why the heck do we try to sum up our self-worth by how well our life mirrors the pages of magazine, Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards?  
It's funny really because before social media and even this blog I did so much with the kids.  Even in the beginning of my Blog the kids and I were always busy crafting, building and doing.  I snapped some pictures, but I put them in real photo albums...not online for the world to see.
It's that need for approval, or is it a way to share and educate?  I think it depends where you are in life.  My whole life I have been begging for approval, because I grew up being told I would never amount to anything.  I grew up sexually abused in and out of foster care and left homeless as a single Mom at the age of 19.  So, I chased the approval train for years.....until now.  Now I don't need anyone's approval.  I approve of myself...I"m healed from the inside out and I look at social media so differently now.  
Have you ever struggled with Social Media meaning more to you then it should?

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