Slimmmmy Sisters?

Mahala was so Sweet the other day.  She made up these different bowls with sensory items for Kaden to play with.  

She used different bowls and placed some pasta, flour and rice with food coloring in each of them.  She also added different flavoring extracts.  He had to smell, feel, taste and guess what it was.  He Loved mixing the flour and slime and smoooooshing it with his hands. 

Kaden's favorite one was the slime, because she made it in his favorite color....blue.

 After cleaning up a HUGE mess she brought out a bowl with beads and small toys.  I love hearing him giggle and totally getting lost into the activity he is doing.

The whole playtime lasted for way over an hour and I'd say a good 45 minutes of it, was him playing in the slime and flour.  We are very Lucky to have a Sister like Mahala!!!! :)

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