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I get to share another Great Product with you today, the Youth Virtue Journal from We Choose Virtues.  Heather McMillan started We Choose Virtues because of her love for children and the desire to see them reach their full potential. What an Amazing Passion to have and she clearly has a gift that is easily seen in the products she provides.  Learn more about her and her Fabulous Team HERE.

I have Reviewed products from We Choose Virtues before, they were more for Kaden's age.  This time we received the Youth Virtue Journal which is a paperback book recommended for ages 12-18. The Journal sells for $17 and includes PDF files for a Mentor’s Handbook, a Youth Character Assessment, Scriptures that go along with the Virtues listed in the book and a Mentor Meeting Report Form.  A lot....I know!! :)

In my Opinion you could be the Richest person in the world and still have nothing if you don't have strong Character and Virtues under your belt.  Growing up in the Foster Care system I unfortunately saw the ugly side of a lot of people.  Having seen what the lack of Character and Virtue does to a person I have always made that one of my TOP Priorities to teach my Kiddos.  If you don't teach it and live it, how can they learn it and have it?
The Youth Virtue Journal was created as a counseling tool for the Youth in the Nampa County, Idaho Court system.  This is why you will not find scriptures in it.  I had wondered about that!  :)   But, luckily you will have more then enough verses in your PDF files.  Heather McMillan wrote the Mentor's Handbook as a manual for Parents and Caring Adults to Inspire Character that will last in the young people's lives for a long, long time.  The Journal is divided into 2 Sections.

Section 1 Consists of 9 Chapters, each Highlighting a Virtue.
The Chapters are AMAZZZZING!  I remember back when I reviewed the Parenting Cards and other products from We Choose Virtues Mahala Loved the idea, but being 13 at the time she wasn't engaged enough.  Well, this Journal is ENGAGING for sure!! 

The Chapters consist of mini think tanks, I like to call it.  After Reading the Virtue your prompted to Take a moment to Dream.  :)  This is when you would use Section 2 (the Dream Journal).  The next small section is Take a look at me now.  Here You and your Kiddo will find about how you live your life right now and then your asked to Rate yourself.  This was eye opening for Mahala on a few of them.  It was Special because we were going through this process together.  Afterwards you have a chance to see how your life and virtues affect the people around you....this will make your Kiddo think.  That is in the Take a look around portion and then they will find some really Good advice next.  There is even a spot for the Mentor to give their own advice.  Then your Kiddo will be able to Take a Moment to Reflect and Respond.  Mahala and I had some pretty reveling conversations here and I feel Blessed to have had the time to spend with her.  Time is so precious with your Kiddos.  :)  Last, but not least there is a spot for your Kiddo to make a Virtue Goal and Take a stand for what is right. 
I was shocked how easy it was to get Mahala to Open up, take Responsibility for her past or current actions and make a Plan to improve for the future.  To me this is an excellent addition to a Devotion time you may be doing or as a break from your daily activities to just connect with your Kiddo.  We did ours a few times a week after breakfast while Kaden had therapy.  Most mornings we sipped tea as we took turns reading and journal writing.  Thank You Heather!!!
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