Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weeding Out Wheat for My Life

If You have been a long time Reader of mine you know that we have been Gluten Free for about 6 months or so.  I started that Adventure because we were at a Stand Still with Kaden's Therapy Progress.  I had heard around the Autism Grapevine that a Diet Change could be just the Answer we had been praying for.  In the past to lose weight I was told to cut the Carbs, but I held onto Bread and Pasta like it was Oxygen.  I LOVED it that much...or so I thought!  It's funny how when it comes to Your Kiddos, you will do or in this case give up just about Anything.  If I never ate another Carb in my life I would be fine with it....not even miss it.  Why, because not Only did it Change Kaden's Life, but my Health Problems have Changed so Significantly it's almost hard to Believe!!! 

When I found out about Luke and Trisha Gilkerson's New Book, Weeding Out Wheat I was Interested to read a New perspective on a Lifestyle I was already trying to lead.  Not only was it about living a Wheat Free Lifestyle, supported by Scientific Studies.  But, also putting the idea up against Biblical Questioning. Asking myself Biblicaly if it was Wrong or Right to Live Wheat Free Never entered my Mind.  So, I asked myself to take a long look at this, Pray and Educate Myself to Find the Answer.  And the Answer I Found...You too can Find Your Answer in the Pages of this Amazing Book.  I Encourage You to do Your Research, make Sound Choices and take Your Health into Your Hands!